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What Is TikTok And How Can You Market On It?

There might be only a few people today who have not heard of TikTok. Even if you do not have the application installed on your device, you must have surely come across the videos generated through it on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

As per a survey conducted, TikTok turned out to be the most downloaded application in the month of January 2020. In terms of numbers, the application now has approximately 800 million users on it.

What Is TikTok And How Can You Market On It

Surely, the network is increasing and growing each day.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media application that is mainly focused on videos. The users of TikTok create videos with the help of the filters, captions, and other options available in the application and then post it on the app or share it on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can follow different users on the application and similarly can have followers back on your profile.

Due to the option of getting a high number of followers, TikTok is now also being used as a marketing tool by many marketers and brands. Today, a good number of brands are taking to TikTok and using options such as to market their brands or also products and services as a part of social media marketing.

How to Market on TikTok?

There are two specific ways of how you can market in TikTok. You can do it by taking help from the influencers and can also do it by creating unique content.

Influencer Marketing

There are so many people on TikTok who have got a huge list of followers currently. These influencers can actually help you in getting followers for your post and brand. Even if not followers, you can surely get across a good number of views on your TikTok post and products with this.

But this does not mean that you need to approach the influencers blatantly. If you do so, it is not sure that they are going to help you out. Of course, when you are ready to pay them the price that they are asking for the marketing, they will surely help you.

But not everyone is able to pay for marketing techniques. Hence, there is another way how you can do influencer marketing in TikTok. All you need to do is to use the most trending keywords from your brand or product and search for the people who use these keywords. You might come across a number of people who make use of such keywords. Now, you need to note these users and need to find those users who have a good amount of followers.

When you have found a few of the people with a good number of followers, you need to follow their videos and look for the common hashtags that they have been using. Now, try using these hashtags whenever you are posting a video on the application for marketing purposes. You need to follow this regime quite often to get better results.

Original Content

This is a specialty of TikTok that unique and content and interesting videos attract a good number of views. You need to think in a creative way and have to smartly make use of different features provided in the application such as filters to make it super attractive. Most of the time people make use of funny filters to make funny videos. In order to create unique content, you can make use of a filter that no one has used yet now. Try to make it attractive in terms of looks and also the message that you wish to portray through it.

Of course, using the right hashtags in your unique content is going to help you in reaching out to the right audience and getting recognized soon. Letting other TikTok users share your content is also another thing that can help you in getting viral and gaining a good amount of traffic and viewers on your post that can help you in gaining high followers on your profile.

Social media marketing has been quite successful today in reaching out to the maximum amount of traffic. TikTok is a new trend for marketing and has been increasing in its popularity with each passing day. Trying out the marketing techniques in the right way can surely help you in getting recognized among the audience in a short time.

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