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What Is the Newest Year Model of A Toyota RAV4

Everyone always likes to be able to have the most up to date and newest things that are out now which is understandable considering all the updates and advances we find on a constant basis with the help of advances in technology. With Toyota being such a reliable brand of car, it is no wonder that people want the newest of their RAV4 model. The newest RAV4 year is 2021.

Model of A Toyota RAV4

Let us go over some of the features of this new model. The features most noted on the outside of this car are 17-inch wheels, a manual tailgate, LED headlight, taillight and running lights. Also comes with rain -sensing wipers as well as parking sensors. All of that is just on the outside of the car which is quite a bit of advancement.

Now let us talk about what there is available on the inside. On the inside there is just a button you push to start the car. There is an eight-inch touch screen. Also has a reversing camera to help keep you and your car and others safe while you are backing up. This model also offers not only satellite navigation but traffic updates as week to help you get where you are going as quickly and safely as possible. Some of the more fun luxurious things offered is the Apple Car play and Android Auto, five USB points, digital radio as well as six speakers. So, if you like enjoying music while you are driving, they have you more than covered.

Now let us go over the safety features because all the fancy features mean nothing if the car is not safe. This car has front and front side airbags as well as full-length curtain and drivers knee airbags. They also wanted to make sure your children are safe as well. That is why it comes equipped with rear and top tether child seat attachment points. Some more very nice safety features are the autonomous emergency braking which will detect if you are close to having a collision with another vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist and will warn you and if you do not stop the system will apply the brake itself.

Along with several other features that will help with switching lanes safely as well as help making sure you are in the center of the lane and will automatically shut off your high beams as needed. They also have run tests and have the results to prove the car is as safe all these features make it seem. The Crash-tester ANCAP awarded this vehicle the maximum it could. Which means it was rated five out of five stars. It also scored a ninety three percent for adult protection as well as an eighty nine percent for child protection and an eighty five percent for pedestrian and cyclist protection and finally an eighty three percent for safety assist systems. Some of the many luxuries of this car are there is plenty of room to adjust where the steering wheel is. The seats are very comfortable and supportive. Each door bin upfront can handle a book in them as well as a one-liter bottle. The center console could very easily handle a six pack of drinks in it. There are many perks to the vehicle. For full review, check

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