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What Is The Best Printer For Law Offices?

In all industries, it’s clear these days how crucial technology is to the success of a business. When it comes to a competitive market like legal services, the need to stay at the forefront of the industry is imperative.

To avoid being left in the past, and being overtaken by competitors, it’s a good idea to take stock of your office technology and consider how you could upgrade your machines.

But when it comes to your printer, what should you be looking for in your next choice? How important can a printer be to a law firm? Read on to find out.

Best Printer For Law Offices

Cost efficiency

One of the best features of modern technology is its ability to save you money in the long run.  As law firms are notorious for their paperwork, you’ll need a device which is not only cost effective with consumables, but one that doesn’t double your energy bills.

Multifunction printers, such as the Xerox Workcentre 6655 A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer, are a great way to keep the initial purchasing cost down, as they contain four printing services in one – printing, faxing, copying and scanning.

This Xerox printer also features a selection of innovative tools which allow you to customise programmes and printing operations. This means you can control the printer’s usage, and ensure you’re saving both money and energy.

An even bigger benefit of this Xerox model is its device usage management. The Xerox Standard Accounting reports, which tracks and manages usage, gives you real time information on your consumption.

Good security standards

Printers are often a loophole in law firm security, as they are easy to overlook. When you’re installing firewalls on your laptops, and making sure the building’s alarm system works, it can be easy to forget about the one machine that handles every piece of sensitive information you print.

When you’re offering legal services, its imperative that all the confidential information you print is protected at all times. That’s why you should ensure your next printer offers extensive security features which defend data from threats both inside and outside your office.

The Xerox Workcentre offers a number of security features, including a Secure Print option. This feature requires users to enter a unique passcode to enable the printing process. If documents aren’t retrieved within a specified time, they will be removed from the print queue.

Another fantastic security feature this Xerox printer offers its users is proactive threat management. This means that if any vulnerabilities are identified, the machine will provide security patches straight away, ensuring your equipment remains totally protected at all times.

High quality

With the ever-changing nature of the cases you handle each day, the printing services you require could change at a moment’s notice. However, you should still expect the highest quality of printing from your office printer.

Consider the device’s print resolution, its dots per inches (DPI) and how it recreates colours.

For example, the Xerox 6655 can impress your clients with an extremely high resolution output, and a 2400 x 600 DPI print resolution, producing vibrant, attention-grabbing colour images and clearly defined text. So, no matter if you’re printing images which need to be of a high quality, or reams of text documents, this Xerox printer can help.

Productivity increases

Working in legal services means that you’re operating in such a fast-paced environment, a high level of productivity is so important.

This is something you should have front of mind when choosing your next printer. Look for a machine that includes a colour touch screen which you can customise to suit your office needs, and other time-saving features such as a single touch scanning option.

As a single case can quickly produce a lot of documents, it is useful to have a device which can convert documents into text-searchable PDFs, to simplify archiving, organising and searching for files.

There are so many reasons why your printer choice is crucial to the success of your law firm, and hopefully this post has advised you on the features you should consider when picking your next office printer.

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