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What Is The Best Affordable Projector For The Home?

Who said getting a perfect projector for home entertainment could be easy with so many of them out there? It’s not a walk in the park. But with the right initial information, you may have a head start to where you could get one and how? When getting home entertainment, there are so many things that you have to put in mind before you even buy one. This helps you to get the right projector according to your need. If we say the best projector for home, then most of them are the best and perfect for home entertainment. What makes then perfect for you is your requirement and what you want. Here are some of the best affordable projectors for home

Best Affordable Projector For The Home

  1. GP100 Video Projector

GP100 video projector is one of a kind projector that you might not want to miss having in your home. The brightness, resolution, clarity and everything about it is something you could use for yourself. It an ideal projector for any home and any home entertainment including gaming

  • Brighter and Clearer Images

Having been designed to bring out the brightness of every content and vivid images, the GP100 projector makes it ideal for home use. It comes with a resolution of  1280 X 800, a contrast of 3000:1,3500 lumens making it one of the brightest projector that is 60% brighter than most of the LED  projectors. The projector is able to bring out the best of color brightness lighting up your home with the best projector performance you could dream of.  The images that are shown in this projector are very bright and clear as it is brought out in much details and color.

  • Hifi Level Stereo Audio

The GP100 projector has been made with an inbuilt hifi level stereo audio system. The audio system has an amplifier, stereo speakers and SRS sound for a much better sound system for your entertainment. The SRS sound is one of the most known technologies in the market today with the best sound. The external speakers and sound bars can be conned to it easily and boost the performance of the sound in the projector for movies and gaming.

  • Flexible Screen Size

This projector comes with a fantastic visuals display.  It has a range variety of screen sizes from 35-180 inches from a distance of 3.9 to 12.8 feet away from the screen. From a distance of 3 and above you are able to enjoy big image experience from either your laptop, phones and other sources.

  • Acceptable Fan Sound

The fan noise of the GP100 projector is incredibly low and does not affect others while they are watching doing there on things. The sound it produces it barely noticeable unless you concentrate on listening to it or in a small room. Above all the fan sound is basically acceptable for anyone looking for a home projector.

  • LED Light Source

GP100 projector has been designed with LED light source capability. This makes it brighter than most and works for a more extended period while in use. Though some of the projectors come in lamp light source, they offer the same lighting and better. The LED light is great because of the source of light works well In producing even much brighter contents. It has an ultra high power LED light source for an optical projection system for a much better projection effect.

  • Full Sealed Optical Design

The GP100 projector has been sealed to help in protection against leakage of light. It not only protect against leakage but also all optical parts and contribute to the performance of the projector and extend the lamp life of the projector.


  • Uses LED lighting source
  • Great resolution
  • Bright and clear images
  • Big screen size experience
  • More than 20 years of projector use


  • The fan noise could be improved
  1. VPRAWLS HD LED Home Theater Projector

VPRAWlS projector has been designed to compliment any house and to deliver incredible performance. It is a bright projector that is able to deliver images that are bright and clear.  Everything that you want in a home theatre projector you will get it in the VPRAWLS.

  • Brighter and Clearer Images

With the projector having high brightness and resolution of FULL 720p 1080p HD video, the images that it produces are incredibly beautiful, clear and bright. The image brightness of the projector is of a higher level than most of the projectors out there. This is also because it is a LED projector and its brightness is amazing. The clarity of the images and video that comes with VPRAWLS HD LED home theatre projector is excellent no matter the type of content you are watching or listening to.

  • Improved Built-in Speakers

VPRAWLS has been designed with an inbuilt amplifier and stereo speakers for better audio and video sounds. It has the SRS sound making it even better since the SRS is currently the best sound technology I the market. The hifi level stereo speakers give you the best of the movies and gaming experience by boosting the sound of videos you are watching. The audio stereo system being incredible, you do not have to get other external speakers for your home entertainment saving you money on them.

  • Flexible Screen Size

The screen size of the VPRAWLS HD  projector is so flexible that it makes it easier for anyone to adjust and watch according to the desired size. It has the size of an image of 28-280 inches that vary from a distance of 1.2 m to 7.5 m away from the screen or the wall.  From where you are seated, you are able to determine the size that is suitable for you and the people you are watching with.

  • Fan Sound

The fan sound is one of the things that many consider as well when looking for a home entertainment projector. Well, who would want to have a projector that distracts people while they are watching with too much noise? Impossible. Everyone looks for a fan noise that is low to none if possible for a better experience at home. That’s why the fan sound that the projector produces is acceptable and works well in any room.

  • LED Light Source

When talking of LED light, we talk of a long term light source for your projector. There is no way one would compare using the LED projector and lamp projector. The two are entirely different. It is because the lamp light source could go a long way, but eventually, you will have to replace the bulb severally before the projector stopped working, but when it comes to the LED light, it will take you years while using the same projector without any change on the bulb.

  • Full Sealed Optical Design

Since there some cases that the projector is not able to contain the leakage of light, the VPRAWS projector has been fully sealed and dustproof to protect it from light leakage and also from dust.


  • Great sound system
  • Images are brighter and clear
  • Great resolution of 1080p
  • Flexible screen sizes
  • Has keystone correction


  • The sound system could be improved

The Final Word

Having the best projector for a home is great with incredible features it another plus for any home. As we have discussed both the GP100 projector and VPRAWS projector are incredibly good for any home. Be it movies, games, shows, music and any other home entertainment. They are the most ideal for you. Having any of the two in your home you are sure to enjoy the best of the entertainments no matter where you have installed your projector. What makes then incredible is the features they come with. Bright images, flexible screen sizes, great resolutions, LED light source and many other beautiful features.

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