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What is QR Code? Advantages and Disadvantages of QR Code!

QR Code means Quick Response code. Do not become confused between bar code and QR code, QR code is square and bar code is one dimensional.  QR code can contains many information of yours and your company such as, your name, address, phone number, email, website address and so on. Now a days the use of the QR code has become the most choices technology in offices, super shops, online shops even in china most popular payment methods Alipay and wechat uses QR code to complete transactions.


How to get QR codes for me or my company?

Getting QR code is so simple. There is a QR Code Generator website called oysso and there you can create your own custom QR Code for you or for your company.

How the QR Code Looks Like?

The QR code will look like this.

How to read information from the QR Code?

There are so many types of QR Code scanner in the market, by using the scanner you can read the QR Code information even your smartphone can read the information from the QR Code. If you don’t have QR Code scanner on your phone, you can download QR Code scanner apps from Google Play Store or from Apple Store.


Advantages of QR Codes:

  • Anyone with a Smartphone can use them because they are free both when generating and reading them.
  • QR codes have a large amount of information (up to 4,296 characters) in each one, so they facilitate communication in a dynamic way and according to the new forms of communication.
  • QR codes can be modified. This means that they can be removed or added information at any time.
  • The results offered by these codes are measurable at one hundred percent immediately, so it is possible to take action if necessary. This allows to optimize the campaign that is being carried out at any time to obtain the best results.
  • In the present world we are so busy, we all know how time is valuable to us. Here QR Code comes to make our life faster because it QR Code is so fast.
  • QR Code can store los of information.
  • QR Code is versatile, that means it can be use anywhere.
  • QR Code can be use online to offline.
  • You can save huge amount of money by using it.
  • QR Code is trackable by using analytics software.

Disadvantages of the QR code

Unpractical (for now):  To read a QR code from a cell phone, you must first download an application. As long as the mobile operating systems do not include the reader from the system or direct from the camera, the cost of searching and downloading an application can be a delay and makes it difficult to adopt the tool in general.

Little Use:  The reality is that many people do not know them and those who do know they are, find little real value to use them. In the United States a ComScore study indicated that less than 10% of total mobile users captured QR Codes, and although in some countries the use is increasing, it is still far from being a widespread custom. This site called “Photos of people capturing a QR code” illustrates this brilliantly, as does this site of illogical uses.


So, QR codes yes or no? QR codes offer endless possibilities, which is why they have become protagonists in mobile marketing strategies and campaigns for both large companies and SMEs.

A QR code can be the key to success to take off in a business, increase sales, promote a website, build customer loyalty or whatever the objective. Without a doubt, these codes are a simple tool that can make a big difference in the results.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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