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Everything You Should Know About Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking is used for marking the materials and masterpieces. It is the best process to mark standard labeling using the laser beams. The process of laser is differentiated in many ways such as removing, annealing, foaming, staining, and engraving. Today lost of industries and manufacturers are using a laser beam for making a permanent marking on materials. Most users are using high-quality materials for the process. Even today in the market you can explore the eco-friendly process of laser marking. But at the same time, all have a different procedure with advantages and qualities.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking also used to mark the text and drawing directly on materials with fine spot laser. Using a laser for marking is an easy way and also provide high-quality work. It is the process which is also used for marking brand name, expire date, manufacture date, serial number, price, and many more things. Many people purchase laser marking machines from Heatsign and they are very satisfied!

The material used for marking with laser

  • Metals

In this, it includes copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum.

  • Plastic

It is also perfectly used in PMMA, ABS, Polyamide, Polycarbonate, and much other product with laser additives.

  • Other materials

This also includes other types of materials such as paints, laminates, films, and foils.

Working principle of laser making machine

Today manufacturers are only using two accepted principle such as.

  • Hot Working

It is the laser in which it carried with high energy density and used on the surface of the material which is being produced. In this process, the material absorbs the laser energy and generates.

  • Cold Processing

In this process, the manufacturer carries a very high load of energy and it has its value in the process of making a laser. In this process, it does not create any side effects and it only breaks the bond of chemicals.

Process of Laser marking on products

  • Annealing

It is the marking system which provides special laser created for metals. In this heat effects which causes oxidation and result in a change of color.

  • Staining

In this method, the effect of heat generated by laser beams produces a chemical reaction. It also changes the color but depends on the material used.

  • Engraving

It is the process in which materials are melted and evaporated with the use of laser beams. In this way, it removes the material and created an impression on the surface for engraving.

  • Removing

In this process laser beam is used to remove the upper coat of the material. In this way, the color of the top coated material gets changed. This process is used in some materials such as laminates, aluminum, films, and foils.

  • Foaming

It is the process in which the laser beam is used to melt the product. This type of marking is used to provide an impression on dark color plastics.

  • Carbonizing

In this process, the laser beams heat the surface of the objects. During this process, oxygen and hydrogen gases were emitted.

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