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What Is PowerPoint Viewer? How Can I Use It?

Wondering what is PowerPoint viewer and how can you start using it? if yes then I am here to help you out. As a Powerpoint user, you may have often come across powerpoint viewer. But have you ever wondered what it does?

Well if you did, then here is the answer to your question. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

PowerPoint Viewer

What Is PowerPoint Viewer? How Can I Use It?

There is no doubt that Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most used presentation software around the whole world. With the help of powerpoint, you can create and distribute stunning presentations using special effects, music, creative texts and so on. As well as there are quite a lot of other combinations are also there which you can use to make your presentations look greater.

This is the most common tool used  by business, schools and sales department. Even normal homeowners use it to make presentations for vacations, birthday parties and so on.  In short, you can say that the uses of powerpoint are endless. And there are thousands of occasions where you can use PowerPoint.

These days and for the past decades, powerpoint has been a popular presentation tool. And even in the future it is going to be as popular as it is today. As there is no sign of powerpoint to go vanish. This also gives us the confidence to share powerpoint files with others.

Even, as Microsoft office is one of the most used software worldwide. Hence there is a high chance that people are going to use it in the future as well. And there is a high chance that you will not face any issues while sharing your PowerPoint presentations with just about anybody.

However, there are quite a lot of people who love to view presentations. But when it comes to viewing the presentations using the PowerPoint, they simply hate the part. And this is where the powerpoint viewer comes into play. Nowadays there are quite a lot of powerpoint viewer tools available which you can use to view powerpoints easily. And yes, you will not require the powerpoint application at all.

So that was all for your question what is powerpoint viewer and how can you use it. In case if you are looking for some of the best power point viewer, then let me give you some of the top suggestions. So here we go:

Top Power Point Viewer Alternatives:

Google Slides

First of all, I have the Google Slides. The best part of Google Slides is that it is an online platform. So if you want to edit your presentations without Microsoft PowerPoint you are welcome to try this tool. It is free to use and has all the features that MS powerpoint is offering. Also, the user interface is pretty similar to PowerPoint. So you will not find a hard time getting started with the application. Another, best thing that I like about this one is that you can actually work with your teammates on the same project. Just add users to your project and you are all set to go.


Next, you can try out the LibreOffice. This is a popular alternative of the MS Office. And it has most of the applications that MS office suite is offering including an application for creating presentations. You can download this application free of cost. Also, the best part of the tool is that, it is extremely easy to use.

As it comes with almost the same user interface as the PowerPoint. So you can easily be able to get started with the application.


Thirdly I have the Visme. It is also one of the most powerful tools for creating presentations. It cannot only create presentations, but you can use it for infographics and visual content. Moreover, you can start using the application free of cost. And it is a web based service. So there is no download required.

In addition to that, there are quite a lot of features are available. Along with a bunch of beautiful custom HD quality presentation templates. Even you can simply create your own custom presentation from scratch or create your own slide library. Even you will be able to import your powerpoint to use online.

You can surely find out few paid alternatives on Softwarekeep as it has got the  best collection

Final Words:

So that was all about the article. Now go ahead and check these alternatives out which you can also use to create presentations as well as view them. Also, as they are free to use. So even if you do not have MS PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can use them.

Anyway, if you have any more questions to ask, Then do feel free to comment below and I will surely help you out.

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