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Microsoft PowerPoint vs Apple Keynote – Which one should you choose?

PowerPoint Vs Keynote

You will never find a student or businessman who does not use presentation software. Students need it to present their course assignment and businessman need it to show their projects and plans. Back in the days people used to make presentation by drawing. Thanks to these software companies who have make life easier for us. When the word “Presentation” comes to your mind, your subconscious mind will only think about two software, which is Microsoft’s PowerPoint and another one is Apple’s keynote.

Microsoft PowerPoint vs Apple Keynote - Which one should you choose?

These two software become the primary competitors of the market. Though there are lots of presentation making software in the market, but this two actually more convenient and reliable.

Although these both software does the same work but between this two software there is some pros and cons as well.

Let’s see which software gives you the most benefits:

Microsoft PowerPoint: This is the most familiar presentation making software in the world. I am pretty sure everybody knows about this software even, if you find someone who cannot made PowerPoint slides, he is still familiar with this software. The main reason of getting so much sales of PowerPoint is the world’s maximum PC’s operating system is windows another thing is people can use PowerPoint on Apple’s MacBook or on others model as well.

Benefits of PowerPoint:

  • Convenient: This program is so user-friendly. The way they organized all the menus and all those function is very easy to use.
  • Beautiful Slides: There are lots of premade beautiful slides on PowerPoint. Another thing is you can download more templates from Microsoft’s website or you can make your own custom slides as well.
  • Drag and Drop Facility: There is one cool function in PowerPoint which is you can drag and drop any slides and rearrange it as you wish.
  • Integration: You can easily integrate with Microsoft Excel and insert charts, graph etc.
  • Export as Video: The latest version of PowerPoint has the ability to export your presentation slides as a MP4 video file and even you can directly upload the video from PowerPoint.

Apple’s Keynote: Keynote is the dedicated presentation making software for the Apple users. This software has the new eye catchy prebuild templates or if you want to get awesome free keynote templates then you can search on the internet.There are lots of websites who provides keynote templates for free. Nowadays most of the apple users are using keynote for good interface and so many useful functions and feature which attracting the users.

Benefits of Apple’s Keynote:

  • Brand Value: You know what I mean, Apple’s users used to like all the apple’s products. As it is an Apple’s Product, that’s why feel good to use it.
  • User Interface: Keynote’s user interface is very easy to navigate, even a student of school can understand it easily.
  • Multimedia and animation: Keynote let you use multimedia and animation, which will help you to describe your subjects very well.

I didn’t tell you the cons because both are good. It’s up to you which one will you use. I can say if you are a PowerPoint user you can use PowerPoint or if you are an Apple User then go for keynote because both software will let you serve your desired.

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John Paul
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