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What is an Interactive Logo and Why You Need One

Interactive logos provide important opportunities for you to engage your audience and interact with your brand. The added value of using interactive logos in your branding initiatives is the ability to provide people with the option of playing with your logo to fully understand the meaning behind your graphic. There are certain basic things that you need to know about how to create an interactive logo.

What is an Interactive Logo

Just one click on the logo will allow the user to be directed to the part of the site where more information about your product, service, event, or what have you is available. When a user clicks on your logo, he or she can interact with the graphic. It’s as simple as that. The user can “tap” on the logo to launch an interactive page or drag it to another part of the page for it to be printed.

Some of the many reasons for designing interactive logo animations are:

  1. The logo is designed to engage the visitor and allow him/her to play around with the graphic.
  2. The user can take a look around the logo with different pieces of information being presented to them.
  3. The logo can be presented at different locations on your site so that it is different for each and every visitor.
  4. Interactive logos provide designers with the opportunity to help their customers understand the identity of their businesses and help them express what they’re all about.

Benefits of interactive logos

Interactive logos are regarded as an effective tool for visual storytelling. This means that you can help your clients tell a story by incorporating interactive logos in your branding and design initiatives.

Interactive logos promote greater collaboration among clients and designers. This means that the design of an interactive logo can be shared and modified with various clients and designers to ensure that the logo best fits the personality of the brand.

Interactive logos are easy to implement. The change in color, size and clarity of the elements are all editable so that all participants can improve their final work.

Interactive logos are not only beneficial for business branding and for personal branding. The graphics can also be created and used in different industry-related materials.

Tips and tricks to create interactive logos

You must understand the purpose of your interactive logo if you’re going to design one. Interactive logos should provide people with the choice to play around with the graphic. Here are some tricks to help you create the best interactive logos.

Make the interactive element obvious

A graphic that provides hints to the user such as icons, check boxes, check marks, overlays, etc. can provide the user with enough information so that the user can make a decision on his own.

Make the button interactive

Most of the time, users can have a difficult time using interactive logos. Therefore, a simple button can be used to simulate interaction and allow the user to get a better experience.

Select from the different templates

Select the parts of the interactive logo that you’re most comfortable with and have the most creative control over.


Choose a responsive template that allows for multiple input possibilities. For example, you can change the color and text size.

Do a walkthrough

To show what an interactive logo looks like, you can show it to different people and make them view it on different devices. For example, you can ask a user to go to the logo page on their phone and then ask them to view it on a desktop computer.

Now that you know the importance of an interactive logo, all you have to do is start animating your own. Use a software like SVGator to animate your logo and add interactivity with ease!

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