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What Information Should You Collect on Your Users?

Do you want to learn more about your customer base? It is important for you to do research on your customers because you need to figure out how you can collect more of them. This is one of the best ways you can grow your business. Even though this might sound like an arduous task, you can take advantage of User research repository software that can make the process easier. At the same time, there is a lot of information available. What type of information do you want to collect on your user? Take a look at a few key points below, and make sure you collect information you can use.

What Information Should You Collect on Your Users

The Age of Your Users

First, you need to know how old your users are. Before you launched that product or service, you probably had a target market in mind. One of the most important demographics you probably thought about is age. Now that your product or service is in circulation, how old are your users? Does your target market match what you thought it would be? There are ways you can figure out how old your users are, but you may want to ask them. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so. Most people are going to be honest about their ages unless you offer a product that is typically age-restricted.

How Much Time They Spend With Your Products and Services

After this, you should figure out how much time your users spend with your products and services. For example, if you offer a mobile app, how long do users typically spend on the app? Do they only spend a few seconds? Do they spend a few minutes? Or, do they spend a few hours? You need to figure out how long they spend using the application in a single session as well is how next time they spend during a single day, week, or month. This information is important to you because it is a reflection of how well the application, product, or service is holding the attention of your users.

The Other Pages They Look At

Finally, you should also figure out what pages they look at. For example, if your users are visiting your website, what pages are getting the most traffic? Why do you think those pages are getting the most traffic? You can use this information to offer other products and services to your users. If they like one item, they might be interested in other items that are similar. You might be able to use this to cross-sell or upsell other items to your customers. You can also use this information to figure out what products and services are the most popular. You might be able to use this information to develop more products and services down the road. Track the other pages your users look at.

Do the Right Research on Your Users

These are just a few examples of important pieces of information you want to know regarding your users. If you want to expand your company, you need to figure out where your customers are coming from. Try to decipher why you are collecting those types of customers. Then, figure out what you need to do to collect more of them. Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to do a lot of this digging on your own. You can collect a lot of information on your users if you ask them. Always provide an opportunity for your customers to share feedback with you. You may collect more information than you think.

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