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What Does Big Data Tell Us about the Future of Executive Travel

Big data is used by practically every type of business today and it’s become an extremely valuable tool. Largely used to help businesses identify trends and analyse which of their marketing channels are working most effectively, big data has the power to help CEOs make the best business decisions.

However, there’s a lot of other benefits big data provides; especially within the travel industry. Here, we’ll look at what big data can tell us about the future of executive travel.

What Does Big Data Tell Us about the Future of Executive Travel

More people are choosing to fly via private jet than commercial airlines

One of the key things big data has revealed recently is the increase in the number of people hiring a private jet, rather than a commercial plane. It identifies a shift in executive travel, with more businesses opting to book private jet charters over business class travel.

There’s a number of reasons why more people are choosing to charter a private jet rather than opting for commercial flights. Firstly, the cost of hiring a private jet is no longer out of reach. Smaller private airlines have made the sector much more competitive. In terms of business flights, booking a seat on a private jet can be just as affordable as a business class flight on a commercial plane. This is especially true if they’re booking an empty leg seat with VistaJet for example.

When you compare the benefits of travelling via private jet versus travelling on a commercial flight, it’s easy to see why businesses would opt for the private option for the same cost.

Security breach has played part in the rise of private jet chartering

Big data has been used by airlines for many years. However, it hasn’t been a totally positive thing for commercial airlines. Not too long ago, commercial airlines were affected by a security breach, where their data collected from passengers was hacked into. This led to major uproar within the sector.

Private jet companies on the other hand don’t rely heavily on big data and they also have the time and resources to monitor their online security. So, it could be considered safer for business passengers to travel via a private jet, rather than a commercial airline.

Overall, big data shows there is an increasing trend for business passengers choosing private jet charter over business class travel. As competition hots up and more businesses start to discover the benefits of chartering a private jet, the trend is only likely to increase over the next few years.

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