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What Are The Major Benefits Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

All laser cutting procedures have their own set of pros and cons but it appears that the advantage of fiber laser cutting machine outweigh the rests of the processes. It is the latest laser cutting form. Here are some of the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines.

Fiber lasers have a lot of major advantages. The light flowing in the fiber is properly covered from the atmosphere and the fiber lasers are precisely designed. They offer large gain bandwidth with broad wavelength tuning ranges to produce highly short pulses. They function at high power with full potential and are recommended for several kinds of cutting procedures.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber lasers can cut any thin material at a high speed. They can cut reflective stuff without any danger of reflections to cause harm to the machine. Hence, metals like copper, brass can easily be cut without any problem.

No damage through heat to objects

The laser of fiber laser cutting machine is extremely powerful so it can easily cut through even thick metals like steel. Another benefit of fiber lasers is that they are extremely precise and doesn’t harm any surrounding material of the metal. It is very helpful in the electronics industry where the beam has to work at small sizes without damaging the surrounding parts of the components.

Better performance

Fiber lasers offer better performance than its contemporaries. They offer a high level of beam quality that can be fully focused to generate highly precise results and better power densities.

All in all, the task also gets completed at a faster rate and at a reduced power consumption rate.

Why you should use parts cut with fiber laser cutting machine?

The major reasons to use fiber laser cutting technology is to lower the mechanical stress on the metal sheet at the time of being cut. Lasers eradicate the impact stress which can poorly affect the metal products at the time of cutting. It also has a small heated zone so only a small part of the metal is exposed to heat which preserves the physical and chemical properties of the metal being used. The laser cuts can be done close to each other without harming the sheet metal. It also lowers the waste.

  1. High beam quality: The focus point of fiber laser is less which means cutting is more precise. It enhances the working efficiency and adds to the processing quality.
  2. Quick cutting speed: Fiber laser cutting machine is twice as fast as CO2 laser cutting machine.
  3. Stability: It offers stable performance and offers a service life of 100000 hours.
  4. Lesser operational costs: The power consumption of the device is just 20 to 30 percent of that used by CO2 laser cutting machine
  5. Less maintenance cost: They are usually maintenance free.
  6. Simple to operation: All you need is a simple training and then you can conveniently use the machine.

With so many benefits, anyone would go for fiber laser cutting machines.

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