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What are Some of the Best CSR Solutions?

Too many people believe that the only job for an organization is to make money. But that is not true at all. Any organization that is already making quite a bit of money should also involve itself in Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. So what is CSR and what are some solutions enterprises can go for to include CSR? This blog answers all.

Best CSR Solutions

Big and Small

Giant enterprises like Facebook, Google, and Twitter all have some great CSR initiatives they participate in regularly. But that does not mean that only huge companies should involve themselves. CSR software companies and smaller enterprises can also involve themselves in effective ways as long as they know what to do.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Now let’s talk a bit about what it is. It is the idea that companies should be investing positively in their workplaces, communities, and the world. Now such investments can be anything and they can be in the form of money, resources, time, policies, and skills.

Some CSR solutions that Will Work for Most Organizations

If your organization is looking for simple and effective means by which it can include CSR in its activities, then the following will give you some fantastic ideas.

  • Volunteering: This can be one of the best ways to initiate CSR by giving employees the time off to take part in volunteering activities. Corporate volunteering is a fine way to help out the workplace as well as the community around you. Most employees like their employer more when they are allowed to volunteer during work hours. It is also reported that such activities boost team spirit and make bonding between employees possible.

It is also a wonderful way to build trust within the community and show the local people that the organization cares for it. Whether it is clearing up a local beach or a park, working at a local soup kitchen or pantry, or doing anything else locally, volunteering is a great idea all around where CSR is concerned.

  • Environmental Activities: Environmental evaluation is something most people are concerned about and enterprises will be doing themselves a favour if their CSR activities were based on the environment. Some great ideas for organizations to work in the environmental sector are investing in renewable energy sources or even using them, encouraging employees to ride their bicycles or walk to work, and composting and recycling in the workplace.

All these are initiatives that are certain to help the environment and also prove to the community that the organization cares for it.

  • Charitable Spending: This is perhaps one of the easiest ways for organizations to involve in CSR solutions. It is wonderful if a company does not want to invest time or effort but would still want to do something for the community and the world in general. Charitable spending is great and one way to do that is to match what their employees are giving to charity.

It is wonderful to have a list of a few non-governmental organizations that require the charity to do their work. Find out what the organization stands for and fine NGOs that are doing something in that area and give them charity. It is also a good thing to find out what your employees would like to give in charity and try to find common charitable interests.

  • Within the Workplace: Yes, CSR initiatives are great if they do something positive for the larger community but they can also be aimed at within the organization itself. Making employees feel happier and more comfortable working is also a good goal for an organization. This can be done by initiating a few workplace policies for the benefit of the employees.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are also great to make and so are giving stipends for employees making healthy living choices. Extended parental leave is so wonderful to have and certainly gives an organization several brownie points. Leaves for special and religious festivals are also much welcome.

Impact Your Bottom-line

CSR actually works to impact the bottom line by making the community around and the employees at the workplace happy. That is why so many big corporate companies engage in it. Whether it is the community or the world at large, doing something that positively influences lives is wonderful. It should be done with all the heart. Also, happy employees will work harder and it will increase productivity.

An investment into Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives can work in favor of any enterprise, no matter how big and small.

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