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What Are Smart Locks

What are smart locks? Smart locks are the new wave when it comes to home security. It completely takes out the traditional way of thinking about home security. Smart locks are the stellar performers when it comes to combining both style and automation. The locks are designed to work with voice commands, wifi, or have Bluetooth capabilities. Regardless of the doorstep dilemma, there’s always a smart lock designed to fit your needs.

What Are Smart Locks

What are Smart Locks


Talking with the Locksmith Gurus, they say the set purpose of a smart lock is adding convenience in one’s life. Smart locks have features and different locking mechanisms that include remote access, voice control, and scenes. Paired with features such as Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and Amazon’s Alexa, you get to include features such as “Ok Google, goodnight,” which dims the lights. You can also incorporate the thermostat and lock the door. You can have control of the smart lock when connected to a wifi network.

This feature means that you have to invest in the infrastructure for a wireless network to completely exhaust the smart lock’s capabilities. Once a connection to a wifi network takes place, you can lock your door anywhere you have an internet connection. An automated alert will notify you when a door is left open or unlocked.

A Universal Style

Smart locks don’t have this clunky or odd shapes. They have the same aesthetic as ordinary locks. These locks attach to the deadbolt, so the door’s exterior remains decluttered. They also have this stylish look and finish featuring both keypads and the standard deadbolt setup.

Keeping Your Old Keys

An upgrade to the smart lock setup does not mean a complete replacement of your traditional key structure. Since these locks attach to the interior side of the door, you can keep the existing deadbolt.

Streamling Guest Access

This option can come in handy for vacation rental owners. This then means no more key copies or looking for the best hiding place for your keys. You can instead hand out digital keys availed by the lock’s accompanying append also restrict someone’s access.You can find a licensed professional to help you.

Securing Your Smart Home

Smart locks connected to home networks are homed in the lock’s apps. Updating the apps should become a norm which offers the latest in terms of security and features. Smart locks eliminate the risk of someone getting your key from under the mat and gaining access to your home. Eliminating the need to make key copies reduces methods of entry to your house. You can also tailor the keys to lock the door after a given time.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now understand what are smart locks. Smart locks are an evolution in progress, so not everyone will welcome them. You should, therefore, consider if the gadget tailors to your specific needs. Smart locks aren’t the complete package they need to be. Manufacturers have come out to declare that they need to work out some issues like connectivity to durability. However, the range of protection that ranges from battery nodes PIN requirements and decoy codes for keypads, optimum safety can be guaranteed. If you are looking to add some gloss to the way to make life a tad simpler. Smart locks are the way to go.

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