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What Are New Features Instagram to Roll Out in 2020

Some exciting features of Instagram are expected to release any time in  2020 including Instagram live shopping, IGTV ads, Greenlight effect, messenger rooms and so much more. Stay adhered, if you are excited about the new features Instagram is planning to roll out anytime in 2020. 


One of the greatest news for the creator is that they can earn from the IGTV ads. This is the big step since it’s launch in 2018 and creators are appreciating and waiting it to be rolled out soon. However, Instagram on the other hand striving hard to find out more Ads options that can provide a more satisfying experience to creators, advertisers, and users. Meantime, this is the key time for brands to focus on their IGTV strategy as the feature can be rolled out anytime in June 2020. 

Instagram Live Shopping

Instagram has succeeded in launching a new feature that can help brands and small businesses in generating more sales. The increase of live views has surged to 70% and businesses have found it as an effective way of escalating engagement and sales amid the coronavirus chaos. Brands and creators will be able to tag any product from the catalog before going live and those products will be displayed at the bottom, making it easier for people to tap or learn more about the product they advertise. 

Instagram Messengers Rooms 

Instagram has devised a new way to bring communities together by a new feature named ‘ Messanger Room’. Instagram users now can join a group call of a maximum of 50 people. it is free with no upper time limit. The feature is developed to understand the current situation due to a global pandemic. It will be easy to create a private room and invite friends via a link.  

Green Screen Effect 

 People have been a fan of Tik Tok’s green screen effect but Instagram has been tactically working on it and now finally announced about its green-screen effect feature. You can superimpose yourself requiring no fancy equipment. Simply, transpose yourself somewhere now and try out the green filter for your next photo as it can bring the whole new dimensions to your stories. Instagram can let you embark on a journey full of adventures and success but for that, you should come up with an extra-ordinary strategy. Buzzoid is a trusted social media company having years of experience in transforming the fates of all start-ups. With the right set of expertise, the company is catering to every social media related need of the brands. 

Instagram Shopping from Creators

The feature is causing a stir as it is going to be a whole new way of enabling influencers to tag brand products in their post so followers can directly purchase from Instagram. The feature is initially being released in the US and planning a wider release soon. It is going to be extremely effective for the brands as influencers can now tag their product to the post. 

Instagram Guides

Instagram guides will provide users an easier way to consume recommendations and tips from trusted brands, publishers, and organizers. The guide will have a prime focus on the wellness content so that people who are struggling due to Covid-19 can have access to all the useful information. 

Wrapping Up

This year has seen a plethora of improvements that helped in bringing communities together. Instagram however keeps on devising new features in order to make Instagram a better app for users, creators, and advertisers alike.  Features like Live shopping, IGTV videos are some of the best features that can help creators to earn. 

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