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What are Backlinks and Why They are Necessary ?

Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO is a way by which you get organic traffic to your website. It can also be said as the process of getting online visibility of a website without spending any money on Paid advertising in search engine results page. Web optimization is as much craftsmanship as it is science, yet at its centre, it is the order of making easy to use and valuable substance justifiable and effortlessly absorbable for web crawlers.

SEO is done in two different ways and both are equally important. One is On page Optimization, where we optimize the content of a web page and the another is Off Page Optimization, where we try to generate backlinks for our website.

Backlinks and Why They are Necessary

A “backlink” is an important part of search engine optimization and hence it is one of the most used words in the field of SEO.

Many of the newbies who start their blog or website have a lot of confusion in understanding the term ‘backlink’.

Here we will try to give you the answers of, what are backlinks, why they are an important part for rankings in search engines.

Backlinks are the links which we get from another website. Previously, backlinks were the major factor for ranking of a webpage. A website or a webpage having a lot of backlinks used to rank higher in SERP. Still, it is a major factor to a large extent.

Most common terms which are related to backlinks:-

1)    Link Juice

Link juice provides domain authority for our website. When a website gives a backlink to another website, it passes “link juice”. This link juice helps a website to rank higher and increase in its domain authority. It only happens if you get a do to follow the link.

2)    No-follow link

When a site connects to another site but the link has a no follow tag then that link does not pass any link juice. No-follow links are not valuable concerning the positioning of a website. A website admin gives you a no follow tag only when he finds the link to be non-authentic or problematic.

3)    Do- follow Links- Those links which you get from a blog post are a do follow the link and it provides link juice to your website.

4)    Internal links- Those links which connect one page of your website to another page are called as Internal links. Internal Linking provides a structural map of your website to the web crawlers.

5)    Anchor text- When you hyperlinks a text, it is called as Anchor Text. It is very important if you want your website to rank for a particular keyword.

Why are backlinks still important? and How Necessary Backlinks are Really?

Backlinks are still important because it provides user other sources of information regarding the same topic available.

For Search Engines, backlinks help to decide the page’s significance and esteem (i.e. authority). Generally, the amount of backlinks shows the website popularity on the internet. Today, because of the way backlinks are assessed dependent on various industry-related positioning components, it is less amount engaged and more about the nature of locales from which the connections are coming.

Then again, an excessive number of backlinks from those websites which are unreliable like porn sites can cause more harm to your website than fixing your website authority.

Let’s check out the usefulness of backlinks:

  • Improves organic ranking- Backlink helps you improve organic traffic. If any of your posts get organic links then it will automatically rank higher in SERP and even your other posts start ranking with that post.
  • Faster Indexing- It helps search engine bots to discover links of your site which makes crawling easier.
  • Referral traffic- this is the most important benefit of a backlink that you get diverted traffic from other websites.

I hope that this article would have helped you in understanding, what are backlinks? And why they are still important?

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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