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Wealth Management For Everyone

Probably, there is no person, who never used Internet banking. Nowadays, having multiple accounts, making shopping, or dealing with fast payments is not a problem. Customer service in the banking industry has more faces with programs dedicated to special clients or financial specializations. One of the examples is private banking or wealth management which is dedicated to wealthy customers.  However, it is important to have some options for wealth management elements available, even if you are not fulfilling all requirements. Check what private banking is about.

  1. What is private banking?
  2. High-level services
  3. Elements of wealth management

Wealth Management

What is private Banking?

Using simple words, private banking is connected with the care of a personal advisor. A customer can turn to this person, in any case, related to your finances. This is very convenient because we are not anonymous people, who are talking to the cashier, and waiting in the lines, like other beneficiaries of the financial company. One advantage is dedicated card. At the moment it is a black or platinum model. Beyond regular payments, it is allowing you to use special insurances, like travel insurance. When you are an owner of this card, you can use VIP lounges on airports, or call your concierge. You can have this card without additional payment if you will fulfill the requirements.

High-level services

About wealth management services, we can talk when the bank is handling all financial decisions. Usually, it concerns people with fortune worth at least a couple of millions of polish zlotys. Some of the services will include tax optimization and inheritance advices. Comarch wealth management is advanced thinking about investments. Inherently, it might be pieces of art, real estates,  middle and long term investments into private companies.  Usually, this option is available just for rich customers, but some pieces might be accessible to other customers.

Elements of wealth management. 

Services of wealth management in Poland are held by institutions beyond banks like https://www.comarch.com/finance/. It is based on four, important elements. First thing is the management of investments carried out by specialists. Furthermore, they are encompassing tax optimization process.  They have a lot of other responsibilities. Their key duty is to encounter the needs and requirements of every single client. You have to know, that this is not about taking risky movements and speculations. Wealth management has long-term character, co risky and unsafe actions are limited as much as it is possible. Every customer of wealth management has a personal advisor. Accounts are divided into financial and non-financial ones.

Every management is the effect of work done by a team of several advisors. Every team is working on whole investment plans. Every team has people, who will help to multiple long-term and short-term wealth. It can be reached with help of various specialized tools and products. Beyond this, we can count on the support of stockbrokers, they are responsible for stock exchange investments. Another useful team is investment crew. They are responsible for creating specific, and mainly effective strategy.  On the non-financial teams, we can find crews who are responsible for real estate, cars, airplanes, and yachts investments. Those kinds of money location strategies are orientated for the long-term.  One of the most important things, which you will receive in wealth management programs, is a balance between long-term and short-term investments.

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