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Ways to Keep Your Home Secure and Safe

If you are looking to keep your home safe and secure there are some tips you need to follow. You can find these security tips at This site has easy to follow tips that will keep your home safe and will keep your home secure. The site will help you make sure your loved ones are safe.

Home Secure and Safe

Secure the Doors

Most intruders are able to walk right in the front door. The doors are unlocked or with a little push, they will open right up.

You need to make sure the dogs are secure. To help make the doors more secure install a deadbolt in addition to the locks. Add a strike plate to make it difficult to kick open a door. Smart locks can also be installed. These locks are controlled by a smartphone and will only open when accessed from this device.

Reinforce Sliding Doors

Sliding doors look nice on the home but they can be easy to break in. A window bar can be used to keep the door closed when no one is around or at night. There are new door sensors or glass break sensors. They will sound an alarm if the door is tampered with.

Lock the Windows

When you are home make sure your windows are locked. Even when you are away make sure the windows are locked. There are levels and key operated levers that will allow you to have additional security. You can reinforce the glass with window security film. There are also glass break sensors that can be used to sound an alarm if the window is tampered with.

Light up the Outside

The outside of your home should be well lit. This will help keep thieves away. They want to be in and out without being seen and these lights will give them away. Motion activated lights are good if you do not want to keep them running all night. Solar powered lights are another option if you do not want to run up your electric bill. You can also put a timer on your outdoor lights. They will turn on at dusk and will go off in the morning when the sun rises.

Lock up the Wifi

You may have a wireless connection at home which will make it easy for all your devices to be connected to the internet. You may also have some smart home devices that are accessed over this connection. If your wifi connection is not secure a criminal can get your password and they will be able to open your locks and bypass the security system. You need to make sure your router is secure and that you can make a connection with encryption. You should also rename your network and put a secure password on it. The password should be hard to guess and contain a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols. All of your devices should have firewall protection.

Remove Hiding Places

Bushes may look nice near the windows but they can be good hiding places for intruders. Either remove the bushes or keep them well trimmed. Do not leave ladders out on the exterior of the home. Make sure all sheds and garages are locked up. If you have a security system you can advertise it with signs and stickers in the yard.

These are some things that you can do to secure your home. With a little effort and a proactive mind, you can keep your home safe from intruders.

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