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Want To Sit Straighter? This Gadget May Shame You Into It!

It’s no secret that jobs have changed over the years, with many people now working within an office where sitting down forms a prime part of their day. This has, undoubtedly, led to workers slouching over their computers or their desks in order to proceed with their working day. Of course, we’re always told that we should sit up straight and retain good posture so as to ensure that our bodies aren’t suffering from the strain. Yet, that’s easier said than done most of the time.

Want To Sit Straighter? This Gadget May Shame You Into It

However, perhaps you don’t need to remember to sit upright and with good posture yourself anymore. Why? Because there’s now a gadget available that will assist you with sitting in the right positions and maintaining exceptional posture wherever you are. It’s called the Upright Go 2, which has been recommended by various reviewers in recent times. Yet, how does a gadget that’s about the size of your thumb really assist with proper posture?

Well, essentially, you place the gadget between your shoulders, and it adheres to your skin. Every time that your body starts slouching, the Upright Go 2 vibrates, thereby reminding you to change your position and ensure that you’re sitting properly upright. The question is, would it work for you, or do you believe you’d get extremely frustrated at how frequently it would vibrate for you?

As it happens, you can track your progress through the companion app, which is downloadable for Android and iOS devices for free. This is similar to the Betwinner app, which is also free of charge and allows you to place sports bets directly from your smartphone or tablet. With the two together, you can also make sure you’re sat in the right position while using the sports betting app!

What’s the Damage of the Upright Go 2?

If this sounds like something that may be of interest to you, then you’d better be prepared to shell out £85. That’s not particularly cheap for something that is only the size of a thumb and that connects to your device through Bluetooth. Granted, it remains as quite the discreet item to have glued to your back, although you have to remember to keep buying adhesives for this to be applied on a daily basis.

Of course, if it helps you to stop slouching, then this is a great result from using the Upright Go 2. Naturally, the vibrations aren’t particularly loud, although if someone is standing near you when it goes off, that’s likely to cause a little bit of embarrassment if they aren’t aware that you’re using it.

The intentions of the gadget are, of course, good. Alas, it’s likely to become tiresome in the long run, as you have to remember to remove it at the end of each day, reapply it at the start of the day and keep replacing the adhesive on the back of it. If you’re willing to fork out the £85 charge and experience what the Upright Go 2 is like though, then go right ahead. Just be aware that for all of its positive features, it also comes with one or two downsides.

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