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Video Compressor, It’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Firstly to study deeply about video compressing , we have to know about the word compressing . Actually the word compressed means to squeeze something or to reduce something. But if we discuss the word compressed in technology world the compression is a downgrading  bits that are needed for the representation of data. the storage capacity can be saved by the compression of data.It increases file transfer , and it also decreases cost for storage hardware and network bandwidth, same goes for video compressors.

Basically to compress a video a program is used which works with a formula or algorithm to governs how data size is to be reduced .

Video Compression :

As we have to study about the How to Compressor Video.

Usually, many people think that how a video can be compressed ? So the answer is very simple to their question is that the compression of video needs techniques of the latest coding to decrease redundancy, which is in video data.

Usually, very large space is taken up by a video Footage that is not compressed by a camcoder, normally takes 17 MB in one second. So , as the video takes up a lot of space so we have to compressed the video that it took less space as the word compressed mean to shrink the information into a smaller pack .
So, it is necessary to know that video compression has two types . These two types are

1. Loss video compression
2. Lossless video compression.

In order to study video study briefly about video compression lets discuss these kinds in depth.

Loss video compression :

Actually the loss in video compression is a kind in which there is less data in the compressed file as compared to original file. Normally the loss in quality is being compensated through it by creating smaller files. Lets explain it more concisely by an example.
John have DVD’S which are compressed. The compression of DVD’S are done by the use of MPEG-2 format.The advantage of this is that it create a smaller file which is 15 to 30 times smaller. But John still has to attain DVD’s having high-quality pictures.
Now let discuss the second kind of video compression

Lossless video compression :

Lossless means in which we have nothing to loss . Similar to it’s name lossless video compression is a kind of video compression in which there is no loss of information.

The results of Lossless compression is the ideal quality picture if there is no issue of file size. Let explain it further by an example .
Suppose a video editor transfers files from one computer to another using hard drive which may use lossless compression to conserve quality while john is working .

Now we have to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of video compression . 

1. Occupies less disk space :

The most basic & important advantage of video compression is that it occupies less disk space as compared to uncompressed video . Compressing data files allows us to store more files in the space which we have available . In lossless compression, 50 percent of the original space reduces due to the zip technology and another advantage is that you will not see any difference .

2 . Bandwidth and Transfer speed :

Download process required network bandwidth to download a file .Bandwidth is a speed at which the network transfers data and it is measured in mega bite per second (Mbps) .Compressed data files contain fewer bits than uncompressed files and use less Mbps when you download them .

Cost: One of the most important advantage of video compressing is the cost . Because you can store more data files in your storage when you compressed them . You will not need to buy an another hard drive if you compressed your data files .

As everything have advantages but it have also disadvantages . So now we have to discuss the disadvantages of Video compression .
1 . Compilation to be done again for compression

The basic disadvantage of video compression is that compilation has to be done again for compression which is very difficult to a user .

2 : Error occur while transmitting data

The another disadvantage of video compression is that lot of error occur while transmitting the data .

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