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Valorant Tips: Tricks and Techniques for Fragging

Valorant is a 5 on 5 online shooter game with a unique combat system where each player has a different set of abilities. The player here is able to choose his/her desired character which makes the game a very popular choice among warfare pros. However, the different kinds of playstyle in Valorant can seem a bit dismaying for beginners, especially if they’re new to the genre altogether. The American football-style game needs unique tactics and strategies to master which even the veteran FPS players sometimes limp with. Even the repetition of the rounds (with the whistle) in it sometimes perplexes the players for which they need a comprehensive command over the controls before starting the battles. But there is a solution for every problem there and this is no different. Using the Valorant aimbot, you can not only get a comfortable grasp on the progress of the game but score victories every time you play it. Here, we’ve come up with some integral tips and tricks for you to triumph in this exciting game.

Tricks and Techniques for Fragging

  • Moving: Guns don’t shoot straight if you’re on the move as pulling the trigger. Don’t try to fight and flight simultaneously. Avoid running or even walking while shooting. Also, stand a little away from the corner so that the enemy can only have a small window for placing the shot. Moreover, make sure that your crosshair is placed at the head level of the enemy and maintain this height throughout the game. You may also want to avoid moving vertically as much as possible and try drifting horizontally.
  • Shooting: Every gun in Valorant has a 2D recoil signature and your bullet position will deviate more from the center of your crosshair the more shots you fire in succession. Spraying is firing continuously uninterrupted and you can become accurate in this by lowering your crosshair to compensate for the rising position of your bullets. Tapping, conversely, is letting the recoil of the weapon reset a little between shots which is more apt for long shots. As you gather experience by playing on, you’ll intuitively be able to choose between the two. You should also utilize the training area for practicing these techniques and tweaking your sensitivity.
  • Teamwork: The most essential action at the beginning of a round is finding out the enemy locations and relaying that information to your teammates. So, you must know how to communicate with your mates, coordinate attacks, devise battleplans, and work together to win the battle. You’d also need to learn baiting opponents, faking attacks, rotating, and making your team follow suit. A coordinated game with your friends will also help you learn the five maps and locate your important spots faster. All in all, a strong team play will ensure better results accordingly.
  • Weapons: It may sound a bit farfetched but in Valorant, you only need to focus on two main guns. If you’re in a round with a minimum of 4,000 credits, get a Valorant’s assault rifles. For example, The Vandal is great for ranged and single-shot gameplay without having any damage drop at the range. On the other hand, an operator sniper rifle is the other choice for a specialized weapon. However, besides these, there are many more weapon types in the game such as pistol, SMG, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper, and LMG’s, even daggers. Shields are another aspect that you must remember to purchase before going all in. There is a light shield that offers 25 extra hit points while the heavy shield offers 50 extra hit points.
  • Money: Managing your money smartly in Valorant is important since you can’t spend money here as you wish. With less than 3,500 credits for your team, you’d need to begin the game by buying lower-value equipment. The highest amount that players can have here is 12,000 credits and you can sell what you buy for its full value.
  • Character: The set of abilities changes with each character in Valorant and for that reason, you need to find out which character suits you the most by trying them all first. Once you’ve achieved that, learn about that character, and always keep using it. This will improve the character and give you that extra edge that you won’t receive by altering them.

Valorant is a very dynamic, yet satisfactory game for FPS lovers and you should surely give it a try. Just follow the hacks above, check out the Valorant aimbot, and you’ll be on your way to master a legendary piece of game. Good luck!

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