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Utopia — New Hong Kong Protest Messaging App

MESH messaging apps which have been used by Hong Kong protestants for a while are falling from grace gradually. The vacant place is taken by a newly developed Utopia p2p ecosystem which enables secure and anonymous communication, browsing and other online activities ranging from conducting and receiving payments to playing multiplayer games.

Let’s dwell on the Utopia ecosystem and find out why people have chosen it over other famous mailing services.

So, what’s the ecosystem?

Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem aimed at preserving confidentiality on the Internet. How is it possible?

First, it uses the more advanced encryption based on elliptic curves and 256-bit AES, which is considered to be the safest encryption ever. Coupled with P2P decentralized architecture, provides the most reliable service for communication and data exchange.

Second, it offers the vast features set, which includes uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, Idyll browser, mineable cryptocurrency Crypton, and other tools and services. So, uploading the app, you resolve several tasks simultaneously and save time.

Let’s take it point by point.


100% security is provided by the decentralized architecture and combined encryption methods.

Your messages, your personal data and passwords are stored exclusively on each user’s local encrypted storage. No other outside servers and warehouse are put on the job. Each peer is both a server and a client. That provides the first security level.

Your crypto storage is encrypted by 256-bit AES, which is the most secure encryption existing. In addition, Curve25519 (Elliptic curves cryptography) is applied. That’s an extra security level.

To create an account on Utopia, you don’t have to provide your phone number or email address. Thus, you stay anonymous and therefore protected from the very start.


Though Utopia is used by Hongkongers primarily for instant messaging, it offers a far broader functionality which you can find quite useful.

uMessenger. The service for instant messaging allows to send encrypted voice and text messages, attach multimedia files, add stickers and emoji. Moreover, users can create their own channels and geotag them on the uMaps. That’s what protestants make use of for arranging meetings and communicating vital news and info.

Utopia — New Hong Kong Protest Messaging App

uMail. The service for sending encrypted emails, files and documents and business communication.

uWallet. The service for making and receiving payments, releasing Crypto Cards and vouchers. All the payments are conducted with Crypton (CRP), the cryptocurrency which can be mined — for each 15 minute Utopia usage, users get the CRP. The mining can be speeded up with the help of Mining Bots.

Idyll Browser. Thanks to API and Packet Forwarding, users can host any type of resources within Utopia. To browse the Utopia website anonymous, users use the Idyll browser.

Organizers, Games and other services for efficient management, convenience and entertainment.

Such vast functionality makes it convenient to handle matters online.

Is Utopia another Hong Kong protest messaging app? 

Tendencies change over time. Messengers are not the exception. People are in constant search for more advanced, improves, superior means of communication. Now is the time of encrypted decentralized messengers like Utopia. Now, it’s the main Hong Kong protest messaging app — it is actively used by people who are currently are fighting for their rights for a secure connection. And no matter what your purposes are as Utopia is an ecosystem for everyone who is looking for security on the Web.

Are there more reliable alternatives for people who are striving for online security? Not yet. Will they appear? May, or may not.

It worth mentioning that Utopia is a free application available for everyone. If you are a Windows, macOS, or Linux user, you can freely download Utopia. The mobile version is coming soon.

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