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The Impact Of Technology On Online Gambling Industry

Long gone are the days when people used to do all thinks manually on their own. Technology has changed the life to such an extent that each and everything can be ordered from the comfort of your sofa. This comprises limitless things from ordering your favorite food to even playing live casino online. As we discuss the changes of the gambling industry in the past few years, we would like to talk a little bit about a subject that not many are familiar with. Today, even card game players that want to play with people across the world, can do it easily. Many of the most successful casinos in the world have launched an interesting thing – live casino games. These games give you the option to play live against other players, very often with a live dealer who supervises the game itself and entertains the players in different ways. This is a huge benefit for the people who simply don’t have the time to visit real casinos to play.

The Impact Of Technology On Online Gambling Industry

With technology impacting each and every segment in every possible way, the online gambling industry was one of those who benefited from this revolution. Let us see how:

The Early Days of Gambling Industry

Till the last decade, people use to walk to the casinos to take pleasure of gambling. Even though the gambling industry has been present since the 1790s, it has been the 1990s that played a major role in the recognition of the industry. To be more precise, 1998 was the year where people realized the actual potential of online gambling. It was this year where a number of companies started their online portal for gambling.

This led to a few things that can be stated as beneficial. First, people started gambling more than ever, thereby creating a huge profit for the gambling industry like never before. Next, people started to take pleasure in gambling from the comfort of their home. Even though the Internet was not such a widespread facility in 1998, a few people those who can afford it benefitted a lot.

The Rise of Mobile Apps for Online Gambling

With the rising use of the Internet and the advent of smartphones from 2008, different market players started launching software and apps for online gambling. This was one of the major factors boosting the profit of the online gambling industry. As per a survey, 84% of payments in online gambling were made through apps between 2013 and 2015. This was a huge transition from the conventional Internet to updated apps.

And as of today, more than 164 million users bet online each day. In addition to this,the amount of bets placed with the help of mobile apps is worth more than $100 billion. This proves only one thing: smartphone apps (in short, technology) has a major role in the growth of the online gambling industry.

The Other Side of the Coin

Even though technology profited the online gambling industry, there was always the negative side, which was overlooked by us. On one hand, where the Internet made online gambling as simple as child’s play, on the other hand, it has become extremely unsafe to gamble online.

The rising occurrence of online theft and identity theft has increased drastically and has been present since the beginning. Bad actors are always trying different techniques and tricks such as phishing and malware attacks. This makes people think twice before making any transaction online. Hence, technology is not only a boon but also a curse for the online gambling industry.

In the End…

As mentioned above, we are aware that there are drawbacks of online gambling. But these can be avoided with proper safety measures and precautions. One thing you can do is place your online betting only with a trusted source. This will considerably reduce the danger.

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