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Using Secret Dating Apps When In A Relationship, Is Cheating !

Relationships are complicated. This statement is applicable to all kinds of relationships. The ones that we are related to by blood like our relationships with our parents, siblings, cousins, and relatives, or the ones that are not related by blood but we make as we grow in our lives. These relationships include the bond that we share with our friends, acquaintances, colleagues, schoolmates, and most important of all, the bond and trust that we share with the person we romantically love and wish to spend our lives with.

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Love is stronger than any other feeling in the world. It has the ability to either make us or break us and having a respectful, supportive partner is crucial to the kind of life one lives. Cheating is a word everyone who is in a committed relationship dreads. Nobody wants to be cheated on and today we discuss this very uncomfortable topic. In today’s digital age, there are more ways of being sure that your romantic partner is cheating on you since there are multiple ways to reach this conclusion with the help of technology.

One such way is by learning about the kind of applications your partner has downloaded on their phones or smart devices. If you are ever in a situation where you see a secret dating application icon on your partner’s smart device, it is a serious sign of cheating and something that should be taken seriously.

Before we learn about some secret dating app icons and the steps that one should follow if they witness their partner accessing such an application, we should first learn about what exactly is cheating and its different types.

Defining and understanding cheating:

  • When one of the partners in a couple that is in a committed relationship becomes unfaithful to the other person, it is called cheating
  • When we say the word cheating, the first idea that pops up in our minds is physical cheating also known as infidelity. However, not all cheating is physical
  • In some cases, it can be financial or emotional
  • There is no excuse that can practically justify cheating your partner.

Relationships are built on some crucial factors apart from love. These aspects are mutual respect, trust, and responsibility. When two people enter a relationship, they become responsible for one another’s feelings. The day one partner chooses to cross the limits of a committed relationship for personal gains and without the knowledge of the other partner in the relationship, is the day when cracks in the relationship start showing which may eventually lead to cheating if not instantaneous then definitely with time.

Like every coin has two sides, so does technology. On one hand, it has made our lives so easy but there is another side to it, which we may not necessarily like. With the advent of technology, people have found new ways of cheating on their partners. Digital dating applications are a prime example of how technology can be misused.

Defining and understanding cheating

We are in no way saying that online dating applications are insidious. In fact, for people who are looking for fresh relationships, it is one of the most beneficial uses of technology. However, no matter how much we hate it, we cannot deny the fact that many people use these applications to talk to multiple people with a romantic or intimate inclination while they are already in a committed relationship with another person.

Another key point that we need to acknowledge is that there are some people who are more social than others and they may be using the applications just to socialize. But dating apps are specific spaces meant for romantic partnerships and if a person is using these applications while hiding them from their partner, then it is definitely a sign of cheating.

What do people consider cheating?

There are certain actions that can qualify as cheating and the data listed below are from official surveys.

  • The top action that most people as cheating is having an active online dating profile ever after committing to the partner
  • Another main aspect of cheating is being emotionally attached to another person. Reports suggest that some people consider emotional cheating more serious than physical cheating
  • Sending flirtatious messages to somebody apart from the romantic partner is also considered a form of cheating

Online affairs are currently one of the most common ways people tend to cheat on their partners. This type of cheating involves talking to another person with sexual undertones and involves regular audio or video calls and text messages.

Here is a list of dating applications your partner should not have installed on their phones if they are in a serious relationship with you

1- Tinder


By far, one of the most popular online dating applications. It was meant for people who are looking for casual and one-time flings. But currently, it is one of the hotspots for online affairs even for people who already have a partner. In fact, it’s fascinating to observe how Tinder has unintentionally become an alternative dating website to Ashley Madison, a platform long known for facilitating extramarital affairs.

2- The League

The League

It is an elite version of tinder and meant for successful people who are looking for a relationship

3- Woo

Woo dating app

An Indian online dating application that matches people based on interests and hobbies

4- The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle

Another dating application for professionals who are looking for similar-minded people

These are just some examples of secret dating applications that your partner should not be used if you are in an exclusive relationship with them.

People tend to generally hide the icon of such applications on their smart devices when they are cheating. However, there are ways in which you can reach a definite conclusion to your doubts

  • The most conventional way is to have one-on-one and transparent communication with your partner. However, a cheating partner is more likely to lie and emotionally manipulate under such circumstances
  • The second and non-so conventional method is to track your partner’s phone activity

In conclusion

We can only say that cheating can be heartbreaking. It can sometimes ruin the lives of people involved in the relationship. However, if you are ever in a situation where you have the slightest doubt, we recommend trying to find ways of solving the doubt because otherwise, the relationship is bound to get toxic with time. Additionally, a secret dating application icon is not the only hint to cheating since an infidel partner gives various signs when they start cheating and we must look for such hints before coming to a final conclusion.


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