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Using Millennials to Improve Employee Health

Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, making up about 35% of employees across the nation. Your personal opinion of these individuals may be marred by some of the negative labels attached to this generation, but if you have an open mind and with Millennial help, you have the opportunity to revamp your employee wellness program. Millennials are trying to push the envelope on the definition of excellent workplace culture, and the things they are wanting could change the health and wellbeing of all your employees.

Millennials to Improve Employee Health

They Want Flexibility

This younger generation is looking for a flexible work environment, where scheduling and remote working options are offered. Being able to work anywhere gives them a work-life balance, a benefit that is linked to higher mental well-being, more consistent productivity efforts, and reduced workplace stress. Employee burnout is a lot higher in companies that don’t offer workplace flexibility arrangements. Equally beneficial, higher levels of flexibility with scheduling have also been associated with better health in employees.

They Want Community

As successful Millennial manager Eyal Gutentag knows, this generation is looking for a place to fit and contribute to their community. A sense of belonging and positive identity leads to improved emotional well-being. The sense of social connectedness adds meaning and purpose to the individuals, and research has shown strong social connections positively improve an individual’s psychological and physical well-being. The absence of social connection, on the other hand, has been linked to high blood pressure problems, obesity, and detrimental habits like smoking.

They Want Personal Growth

A company culture that gives Millennials the chance to become the best version of themselves is highly desirable. When ranked, 80% of Millennial employees believe that personal growth opportunities are the most essential aspect of a company’s culture. Learning new things can lead to increased happiness and help with and individual’s psychological well-being. Learning opportunities develop a sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence. These soft skills improve an employee’s performance and engagement with the company. Human beings that are happy with themselves also tend to desire a connection with others, improving the sense of community that the company has established.

These areas of desire play a role in the overall health of your employees. The steps taken to achieve these goals reduce workplace stress. Reduced stress levels often improve individual health. The long-term result of improved employee health is lower costs for benefit packages. The Millennial influence provides a win-win all around.

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