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UrbanClap: Best Marketplace to Find Professionals

Finding a competent professional to take care of basic needs is one of the pressing problems in most all the cities, therefore when UrbanClap decided to bridge that gap, people in general rallied behind the concept. With UrbanClap, finding a guitar professional or yoga instructor had just got easy, we will take you through the challenges that UrbanClap app bridges and why it stands out to be the top avenue to look for professionals.

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Competence of Professionals 

Ever tried digging up yellow pages just to get overwhelmed with a lot of folks calling and claiming that they were best just because they didn’t know whether you wanted something basic or something of extraordinary high degree of subtleness? Well, you are not alone, but the good news is that UrbanClap takes care of it by specifically marking the competency level that you are seeking, it ensure that you don’t waste your time on anything irrelevant.

Competitive Tariff 

While quality is imperative to any professional service, tariff does matter as well, you certainly wouldn’t want to blow off one lakh on a salsa class spanning 90 days just because it claims to be the best in the town, and UrbanClap understands that, here you get list of professionals who look at the listing and they bid for it. It is a no brainer that everyone takes part in the bid to win in, so they quote their best prices thereby getting you a distinct advantage.

Number of Professional Services

Quantitatively, UrbanClap scores hands down amongst all the apps offering professional services because it covers a lot of professional services. From makeup, salon, to wedding planners and language classes it covers almost every sphere of life that warrants a professional’s expertise.

Description of Services

Many times people run in situations wherein professionals refuse to cover an event. There are many stories of people who have been deceived by photographers extorting more money to cover something that they originally agreed to, but later declined but at UrbanClap, professionals explicitly describe what is and what isn’t. That makes your life easy.

Professional Ratings and Highlights

If you are someone who is often wary of hiring just anyone then this option is for you, since these ratings are given by users who avail the services, one gets a fair idea of how competent the professional is. It holds significant value in making a decision in conjunction with number of services offered and the tariff.


An often ignored but a key yardstick for an user to make decision to use any app is design, and frankly, being a mere extension of classifieds is like putting yellow pages in a refined package, which is very annoying, and limits any scope of further improvement. Many apps for the same reason doesn’t score high in user experience inspite of having sufficient number of services in the kitty. After comparing top five apps in the segment, we concluded that there was a great disparity in terms of design and user interface, which certainly puts UrbanClap at the top rank.

Paying Through E-wallet

This is a clincher, because even with professionals hired through e-portals, it can often become hectic to pay with credit cards etc. Let’s be honest here, how many freelancing professionals will give a credit card option? And even if they do, they will probably discount 2-5% of the fee, and that is a nightmare. Moreover you cannot even imagine to pay off a wedding photographers on EMIs under such difficult situations. That’s where the PayTm wallet comes into play, it is easy to pay up professionals this way, and we must point out the fact that UrbanClap didn’t create a separate wallet solution for it, which not only makes it convenient to use one common wallet, but also fetches the user a better discount and lucrative cashback deals.

No Fee

While almost all the businesses in the fray make such services free for the customers, they often tend to charge providers thereby forcing the professionals to make qualitative or monetary adjustments and pass on the cost to you, therefore making it strictly in technical terms – a paid service. But UrbanClap is truly free, they neither charge the user, nor the provider for the services that they offer, thereby making it a free market place for professionals.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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