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Underwater Time Lapse Photography Made Possible Through Technology

As a photographer with a keen eye for unique settings and a taste for underwater footage, you probably wish to capture the best shots, regardless of how complex the project you are targeting actually easy. Cameras and photography equipment have evolved tremendously along the years, and nowadays, you have the possibility of acquiring the necessary elements to ensure the perfect pursuit of your photography hobby. An extensive line of underwater products has emerged on the market which facilitate long term, high quality, time lapse footage of the deep maritime life. To make sure you are creating exactly the project desired, being aware of some pointers on the topic will come in handy:

Underwater Time Lapse Photography


Before looking into equipment option, accessories and techniques, you should first pursue a few basic calculations, take into account some relevant considerations for your future project. The duration of the project is one of the first details that need to be addressed, followed by the length you want your completed movie to have, interval between shots as well as potential power required for completion. Equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to start off on the right foot. You also have the possibility of using a time lapse calculator which you can find online, to help you navigate through all the demanded project implications. The location where you are planning to carry out the time lapse project is also crucial – choose it wisely if you wish for the outcomes to be spectacular ones, and to not face potential inconveniences.

Equipment and aquatic accessories purchases

While you will find various purchase opportunities, when it comes to time lapse photography, not all types of equipment or accessories are equally reliable, or provide the high level of performance desired. Do your research and see which products have the best design for your intended purpose. It seems like the most experienced photographers out there resort to GoPro, which comes with a wide range of useful features and characteristics, so this should be one of your first choices. With a GoPro and the right aquatic tips and accessories at your disposal, you will be able to master underwater time lapse photography.

Keeping yourself informed

While this type of project might not seem that difficult at first, once you get into it, you will conclude that there are numerous details and aspects you have not exactly thought through. To make sure the quality of your footage raises up to your expectations, and you are using the equipment in a safe manner, it’s recommended to document yourself on the topic by reading blogs, watching tutorials or asking more experience photographers for advice.

If the topic of underwater photography has captivated your interests since you have taken your first snaps of maritime life, knowing how to handle this type of photography job is essential. Luckily, with today’s technology, you have access to some advanced equipment that will enable you to make the most out of the underwater scenery. Take into account these tips, use your GoPro with attention and care, and the results will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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