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Ultimate Guide to the Best Fonts for Email Marketing

Email marketing has something more to do than the content.

You might be good at the choice of words that speak directly to a specific audience. However, readers have to be attracted to the email even before reading a word. The only way to archive this is through fonts.

It might seem obvious and minor but has huge significance in marketing. The appearance of your email determines whether one is triggered to read the email or will simply ignore. The best you can achieve with an email with poor fonts is a snooze. Your email might be read 3 weeks later.

Best Fonts for Email Marketing

You might be creative and picking the right fonts that have the entire glamor, but when it comes to email dashboard, the options are limited. You can hardly find anything interesting in your eyes that can match the design of our brand. You will notice this when you start formatting the emails. If you know the importance of design and stranded on how to make the first move, here is an end to your ineffective campaigns.

Cross-Platform Fonts

It is important to check on the type of fonts to make sure it is available with most users. You should be having reliable information about your target audience. The people you are targeting, be it potential for existing clients should receive the email with all the fonts and formatting. While there is flexibility in the design process, the formatting should be relevant and applicable to your audience.

Web-safe fonts might be attractive but still unsuitable for presentation, especially on emails. Your emails should look great but should also be relevant. You can choose to format your email in different fonts depending on the structure. The common structure of emails entails highlighting the headings and headers.

A marketing campaign should be focused on making sales. Therefore, do not be carried away with the design process and focus on the body copy then forgets the words on buttons. Display text is probably the most practical aspect that guarantees you the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Here are some of the best cross-platforms that make your HTML and emails easily readable and captivating.

Georgia Font

The curls and balls were designed early in 1993 for Microsoft presentations. The previous existence of Roman typefaces described the ease in print. The font is categorized under serif font as an authoritative and aesthetic design popular for novels and newspapers.  The font ha heavy serifs and even letter spacing, which makes it easy to read. The attractiveness of the fonts helps with guiding the eyes on the email page. It is best for highlighting the offers and prices.

Verdana Font

While fonts depend on language and can be easily read, readability on email marketing entails clarity and letter spacing among other elements. Letters are categorized according to shape; they are represented based on the shapes for different impressions.  Unlike most fonts, the lower case letters are taller and more visible. It is most suited for a sentence-case copy.

Gotham Font

If you want glamour and attraction on your email, this is a great alternative. In fact, you should not miss this font in any of your marketing emails. The letters are designed specifically to match marketing interests; the spacing between each item also makes it easy to read. The Gotham font applies to all nature of audiences; age, social class, and education level do not matter; it is universal. It can be categorized under the serifs, but it has special fonts that distinguish it from the category.

Times New Roman Font

This is probably the oldest fonts in writing; it was commissioned in 1931 by the British Newspaper. It is distinguished because of the contrasting line weights and heavy design. Unlike other fonts, the line on the bottom of T is slimmer than the vertical line. It is an interesting view for readers; they cannot predict the next design because of the mix. It has served as a default font for the most part of the year on Word processors and Microsoft Office. Times New Roman is the best for official documents; it is considered a classic and serious tone.

Trebuchet MS Font

The developer had the Internet effect in mind while combining the designs. The focus was on enhancing the visibility of web presentations. Today, it ranks top among the web safe fonts because of its specificity the spacing and design of each letter makes it special. Trebuchet is an effective guide on email pages because of the clean little flicks both at the beginning and at the end of difficult letters. Even with the extreme designs, it is still easy to read the email. The style is applicable for all people; from kids to older adults.

Arial Font

You are probably familiar with this font, but that doesn’t make it as simple as you might imagine. It applies both in web and email copy. The close range of letters makes it unique; while its first emergence in the industry attracted sharp criticisms, the angles and lines have been customized to adjust with different types of texts. It is a default in most design software. It can make a significant change in your sales.

After identifying an appropriate font, stick to it as your default. Pin it on your email templates for consistency with the email subscribers.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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