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U Haul Truck And Trailer Rental Deals 2021

Planning to celebrate your new year in a new home with a new environment and a bunch of amazing neighbors? Thinking about a way of vacating all your belongings? Go to U haul Truck and trailer rentals. U haul offers professional service to people who plan for a local move. If you are comfortable driving the truck all by yourself without portable storage containers then just go to it. U haul offers the best service and values its customer’s satisfaction more than anything. It provides two options safe move and safe move plus to their customers. The plans are based on insurance and other facilities which can be availed by the consumer. The discounts and offers provided by them are as follows,

U Haul Truck And Trailer Rental Deals 2018:

You can avail a $ 5 lifetime unlimited warranty when the Hitches are installed with U haul.

By spending an additional  $ 25 on moving boxes you can get some mind blowing discounts.

You can also exchange the unused boxes at any U haul centre.

They provide one-month storing options which is absolutely free.

If you are a regular customer, then you are lucky as you get business discounts.

They also offer a number of other services as well.  A few are cited below,

You are exempted from paying for any damage if in case. U haul takes all the responsibility of the damage and resulted costs as an outcome of your actions. Yes, this offer is really great.  So you are free from paying for any dents or scratches caused during the usage of trucks either by you or the third party.

Imagine a situation where you meet with an accident.  Don’t worry about the medical expenses in that case. You are paid a bill of up to  $ 1000 to meet your medical expenses. In case of sudden death or any other issues, a sum of approximately $ 25000 is given to your family. All this comes under safe move plus insurance which can be availed at any branch office.

If there is a situation where you met with an accident and ended up getting the third person’s property damaged, then you will be paid about one million dollars to meet with issues. However, this is applicable only to customers who are a part of “save move plus”. So it is better to avail that as soon as possible, particularly if you move frequently. So that you can enjoy a wide range of services.

In event of damage to your cargo due to the storm or any other natural calamities, you can easily make use of the available insurance and claim your amount.

All these services can be fetched only when you are an active customer and have already signed up for it. U haul guarantees you against various issues once you partner with them. Also, they offer technical support and guidance regarding services such as packaging, loading and unloading services, etc. They have a good and efficient team of employees who are customer friendly and open to any queries.

So in case of any mishappenings or accidents, all you have to do is file a claim with respected details.

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