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Top Ways to Fix AirPods Low Volume and Make Them Louder

Are your AirPods Quiet? Let’s make them Louder

AirPods are amongst the most preferred Apple products. They function well and are simple to use. However, occasionally there are problems with them that must be resolved. One frequent problem is that with time, AirPods become quiet and have a lower volume. Did you ever face such a problem?

Are your AirPods Quiet? Let’s make them Louder

Most AirPods users report that their headphones are too quiet. This can be annoying, especially if users are listening to music or accepting calls. The best news is that there are numerous solutions to this issue, the majority of which are easily available.

The volume on the AirPods should be initially checked. The sound can occasionally be too low if the volume is unintentionally turned down. Debris accumulation on AirPods, which may mute the sound, is another potential factor. This problem is frequently resolved by wiping the AirPods using a gentle, dry cloth.

If none of these options works, there are several other things users can do to make AirPods louder. These include updating the firmware, calibrating the AirPods, and changing the settings on the gadget the AirPods are plugged into. By following these instructions, customers may frequently return AirPods to their usual loudness and resume listening to music and making phone calls.

7 Reasons for Quiet AirPods and their Standard Fixes

One of the most well-liked wireless earbuds available in the market is the Apple AirPods, which are frequently lauded for their simplicity and sound quality. However, several owners have expressed dissatisfaction about how silent their AirPods are. There are a few easy measures users can take to try and fix AirPods if they are having problems hearing sound coming from their AirPods while using them using an iOS smartphone.

Before investing in any repairs, investigate sound settings as these are the two most frequent causes of sound issues. Some people may have their volume levels set too low, so check the settings to look for the best level.

It is best to seek alternative technical glitches, of which, a few are listed below, if these common remedies do not assist resolve users’ too-quiet AirPods problem and also you know the Mac Night Shift mode.

#1. Microphone Could Be Blocked or Covered

Microphone Could Be Blocked or Covered

To keep the AirPods’ volume levels at the required levels, they must be kept clean and clear of dust. It should be sufficient to clean the complete microphone using a dry cotton swab, but if required, think about using a soft bristle brush to ensure that all debris is eliminated. Users may ensure that their AirPods’ loudness is generally loud and uninterrupted by cleaning them. Naturally, use caution when cleaning to prevent damage; a light touch must do the trick!

Maintaining constant volume control with AirPods will make it simpler for users to enjoy loud sounds with no issues.

#2. The Device’s Low Volume

When users suspect that the AirPods seem quieter, using the volume slider is a superb approach to ensure users maintain comfortable sound levels for all.

The Device’s Low Volume

It is simple to use, whether users access it directly to their iOS device’s settings or via a different app like Apple Music. All users can do is adjust the iPhone’s sound settings as they like by lowering or raising the volume. Users may quickly and conveniently change the volume on their mobile devices by using the volume slider.

#3. Muted AirPods

Users’ iPhone settings can be blamed if their AirPods aren’t as loud as they were in the beginning. Open audio Settings, go to sound, and check that the AirPods are selected to make sure they are all playing sound at the alike volume.

Muted AirPods

Check to see if the mute option is unchecked and that both sliders are set to the highest volume. The balancing slider must be back in the center one AirPod seems quieter as compared to the other one. Check the volume settings in those apps as well if the problem only occurs with a certain type of media, like video calling applications like FaceTime or music.

#4. Noise-Cancelling Feature is Switched On

Most people find the noise-canceling feature of AirPods to be quite helpful, but, it can make the AirPods quieter than they must be.

Noise-Cancelling Feature is Switched On

By disabling the noise-canceling function and tweaking the AirPods volume control in the user’s phone’s settings, they can swiftly correct this. It will make sure that when making phone calls or playing music, the AirPods are at their highest volume setting. Perform a sound check on AirPods to ensure they’re functioning properly and transmitting sounds appropriately is another thing that can be helpful.

#5. Problem With Bluetooth Synchronization

There may be a problem with the Bluetooth connection if users’ AirPods are noisier than they were. Check to make sure Bluetooth is enabled and that no volume limits have been applied.

Problem With Bluetooth Synchronization

Check the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings again. Users may find them under the settings app’s Bluetooth icon. If everything else fails, consider resetting Bluetooth settings on all the devices as a potential solution since at times they need to be reset to operate properly.

#6. Volume Limit is Set at a Low Level

Volume Limit is Set at a Low Level

On an iPhone or iPad, a customized audio setup can be useful but can also lead to problems. If the AirPods volume is low, double-checking the music settings could be the solution. Users should hear their AirPods louder than previously once they follow these instructions and increase the volume.

#7. Low Power

Due to an extremely low battery, the device may block some features like Bluetooth connectivity, when it is in low-power mode. The AirPods become silent due to this, and users might need to turn off low-power mode to hear them again normally.

Low Power

To achieve this, turn off Low Power Mode in the settings menu or music app of the device. Users’ AirPods’ reduced volume level must return to normal after performing this. All of the above-mentioned suggestions work to silence AirPods so users can continue to enjoy both of their AirPods’ full audio output without any further problems.

What If None Works, despite the above Solutions?

Many people might be at a loss when it comes to troubleshooting quiet AirPods. It can be discouraging to not find the specific issue after trying the standard technical fixes like resets, software updates, and cleaning.

But just hope – there are multiple alternatives users can search for that may help solve the problem.

1. Contact Apple support

Apple Support is 24*7 available to assist if users need help with their AirPods or more suggestions.

On their website, users can obtain support for any device; just choose the one to be used and the problem being faced from the list. If answers are not immediately evident, Apple Support offers many online contact options like starting a chat or making calls if necessary.

Contact Apple support

Visit an Apple-approved store or use their mail-in service as further possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact Apple Support whenever necessary; they are ready and willing to assist with any technological concerns.

2. Evaluate hearing

Users must make sure that problems aren’t caused by their hearing before conducting troubleshooting on the device’s repairs. Users might do this by playing music, turning up the level, having someone else listen through headphones, using apps like an ‘online hearing test’, or seeking a professional assessment from an ENT specialist.

Evaluate hearing

Users can go on to other possible causes like sound levels on their device or problems with the headphone hardware if everything in these tests is in order and the sounds still don’t come through properly.

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Wrapping Up

From these techniques, users might have probably managed to fix their AirPods. Only those people who may still not be familiar with the fixes find the volume issues with the AirPods to be annoying. Accordingly, ensure that you are ready by reading all the above techniques. Users will be prepared for similar problems the next time they arise with their AirPods, so they won’t have to worry as much.


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