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Top Trend in Faucet Technology

The trend in faucet designs is leaning towards more practical design. Technology is helping to create efficient use faucets that are an integral part of both your bathroom and kitchen decor. Anywhere you have a sink in your home; you have the opportunity to install a unique element to the style of your home. With the wide range of finishes and styles available, you can change the look of your mud room, wet bar, kitchen or bathroom. These are some of the top choices this year in faucet technology.

Faucet Technology

Top Touchless Faucet by Moen Arbor

Moen Arbor has created a top touchless faucet that is finger-free with dual motion sensors. This model is constructed from solid metal and uses a reflexive pull-down sprayer. You will appreciate this spot-resistant finish especially if you are installing in a room with a lot of water traffic. Fingerprints will not show, and neither will water spots from splashing water. Cleaning is easy as you only need to wipe down without scrubbing or the use of cleaners.

This faucet gives you a lot of maneuverability with its high-arc spout. The spout makes cleaning all your dishes, larger pans and pots easier with it ability to swivel 100 degrees. Washing is even more enhanced with the pull-down sprayer to clean up the sink when the job is complete. The sprayer is also handy for filling buckets when you need water in another area. Technology has introduced a manual knob right on the faucet for you to control water temperature and pressure. This knob is built nicely onto the side and rotates forward, so you do not have to worry about clearance.

Motion-Sensor by MiKitchen

The motion sensor faucet by MiKitchen will give you a reliable unit with a more straightforward design. The unit is constructed from solid brass and uses an uncomplicated sensor set-up. The design of this faucet will give you the convenience of touch-less use without complicated technology. The sprayer has a pull-down feature, so you are able to reach further to rinse dishes and kettles. It also features a side lever for you to control water pressure and temperature.

The MiKitchen faucet is recommended on for its simple design for those who want a sanitary and convenient model without a lot of complicated design.

Check out this page on to learn more about how the sensors operate. This faucet can also determine if water has been left running for more than three minutes and will automatically turn off.

Touch-On Faucet by Delta

Delta has designed an attractive touch-on unit that will operate with one touch anywhere on the faucet. This feature is especially appreciated when your hands are full but need the water turned on. This design also cuts down on germ contact, unlike the more traditional faucet. This model brings together new and old looks with its graceful curves and more modern conveniences.

The Delta has a high clearance to give you more room to work inside of your sink as well as a magnetic sprayer lock. The spout on this unit provides you with a full 360 degrees of swivel and almost two feet of spraying range. The head of the sprayer is easy to clean with its touch-clean surface found on other Delta faucets.

Faucet technology is turning to more touch-less features. With the use of sensors, it is becoming easier to control when you turn the water on and off and reduces the spread of germs. Some of the models on the market today can be complicated to use and unreliable. We have listed three of the top touchless faucets using today’s technology to make choosing one easier.

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