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Top SEO Trends You Need To Know And Look Out For Which Come Out In 2018

Top SEO Trends You Need To Know And Look Out For Which Come Out In 2018

The world of SEO is changing every few months, and 2018 will be no exception. While some of the tried and trusted techniques will still work, those who want to stay on top of SEO will need to be apprised of the latest trends. Here is our list of the top SEO trends that you should know about, and how they could impact the industry in 2018.

Voice Recognition

With the voice recognition software from Google and Apple getting more popular, not to mention Alexa from Amazon, it is going to be vital for SEO to be synced with this setup. What impact this has on SEO is simple: more natural language will rise in importance. In the past, people often used brief and grammatically incorrect phrases as keywords, because that is how others would search on Google. For instance, someone who wants to find a Chinese restaurant in New York City would say that in a complete sentence to Alexa, while they would just type Chinese restaurant NYC into Google.

Building Links

It is even more important to diversify how you are building links in 2018. It is much more relevant to think about quality instead of quantity, and encouraging backlinks from sites that are relevant to your industry is also pertinent. One of the options that you have to boost link building is to use guest blogs, because they can help you generate a mutually beneficial relationship. If you are interested in link building or other SEO tools, experts from SEOJet, or other SEO service providers can help those who are still new to how all this works.

Driving the User Experience

UX is the user experience, and it is a word that will be very relevant for SEO in 2018. The idea of a user experience is to ensure that everything on a site is catered towards the user. From the text to the images to the videos, and to how the site loads, it is all about creating a pleasant and engaging experience. The way a site is structured has an impact not only on how many people arrive, but how long they stay. A site will want to ensure those who are visiting are not just staying for a minute, but are spending a good amount of time on the site, and then coming back.


There was a time when mobile was the afterthought after a desktop page was designed and optimized. But now more people use smartphones and tablets to access the internet as compared to computers. That means having a website that is geared towards the mobile user is so important. And it also means that factors such as local searches are so important for SEO, because a lot of people use their mobiles to search for local businesses and service providers when they are on the go.

Each of these trends has an important place in SEO in the coming year, and those who want to ensure their site’s SEO is at the top of its game will want to pay attention to these trends.

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John Paul
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