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Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs CMMS

Just a few years ago, most businesses relied on the pen and paper method for managing the assets of their organization. But with time, things have changed, companies have expanded from national to Global, and competition has increased from ‘x’ to ‘x+10′. So, in this rapidly changing world, the new way of performing maintenance management is CMMS.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs CMMS

What is CMMS?

CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System is computer software that is created to automate and streamline maintenance management. CMMS can track the maintenance activities and schedule them periodically.

Which type of businesses should opt for CMMS?

CMMS is for all businesses, irrespective of the size or sector. Mostly, enterprises opt for CMMS when they want to optimize their maintenance operations, improve the health of their assets, improve organizational efficiency, minimize maintenance costs and maximize the return on investment (ROI).

How can CMMS help businesses?

Most businesses opt for CMMS, because of the flexibility it offers. You can customize the software according to the business needs and manage your maintenance management capabilities.

Let’s look at the key benefits of CMMS:

  1. Reduces Cost

Maintenance managers are always searching for more advanced options to reduce their cost of operations and optimize productivity.  These are some methods through which a CMMS can help in reducing the overall operational cost.

  • Reduces Downtime – When a company shifts from the traditional reactive maintenance process to the technologically enhanced preventive maintenance program, then the downtime is reduced as the problems are detected at a very initial stage, and thus, breakdowns are entirely avoided. Therefore, through a CMMS, the cost of repairs and replacements can be entirely evaded.
  • Reduces Overtime costs – When downtime gets cut, then the need for overtime is also condensed. This is mostly applicable for manufacturing units, where overtime to done to finish orders on time. However, with CMMS, downtime can be reduced, and orders can be comfortably completed without any overtime.
  • Improves Asset Health – CMMS helps in planning scheduled maintenance, thus with periodic servicing, the assets perform better, and because of less wear and tear, the overall lifetime of the equipment is
  1. Saves Maintenance Time

Along with cost, the CMMS can also save a lot of time for maintenance managers and technicians.

  • Automation increases accuracy – The traditional method of manual management was tiresome, lengthy, and labor-intensive. However, with CMMS data collection and management scheduling and reporting have been automated, this has helped maintenance officers to reduce the time involved in data collection and making reports. 
  • Quick Decision Making – CMMS can help in tracking the maintenance activities, and it can also generate detailed reports based on the data collected. These reports are error-free and can be used by the management team to take calculative and quick decisions.
  • Brings Mobility into Maintenance – The mobile-based CMMS enables maintenance officers and technicians to carry out operations remotely from anywhere. Mobile CMMS reduces physical dependency, and thus, maintenance activities are managed on time without any delays, that too from anywhere. Therefore, reducing the response time for addressing problems.


With such lucrative benefits of CMMS, every business must shift from a manual management process to a more technologically advanced CMMS software. However, select the right software that can meet your business needs and provide you with the right features. The world is moving towards mobile CMMS, but if you have still not adopted the change, it’s time to go mobile.

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