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Top Non-Play Store Apps for Android Smart TV

If you recently purchased an Android Smart TV, then you are probably wondering what applications you should install. Even though you could be thinking about visiting the Play Store to see what they have available, there are exceptional applications that you should consider installing on your Android Smart TV that are actually not found at the Play Store. Take a look at a few of the top applications we have selected below!

Top Non-Play Store Apps for Android Smart TV

  1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD is an outstanding mobile application that offers users the ability to stream a wide variety of TVs and movies for free. It is possible for you to download movies and TV series to your Cinema HD and watch them at any time. Furthermore, Cinema HD also provides fewer ads, rapid access to the library, and the opportunity to watch 4K videos all without requiring a subscription.

  1. X Tunes

For those who would like to download high-quality music and audio that they can play right from their TV, this is the app to choose. The vast majority of the songs that are available on this app have landed at the top of the Billboard charts at some point in time. Furthermore, many of these songs are also divided by genre, allowing everyone to tailor their listening experience to meet their needs.

  1. AdAway

If you are tired of staring at ads that seem to infect free applications, then you should give AdAway a try. AdAway is one of the top ad blockers on the market. This application will allow you to remove just about every ad from every application on your Android device. Therefore, this will save you time, stress, and even bandwidth.

  1. YouTube Vanced

There’s a good chance that you are going to be using YouTube on your Android Smart TV. Therefore, why not take your viewing experience to the next level with YouTube Vanced? This is an application that has been modified to provide background playback, offline videos, additional themes, HDR support, and Picture-in-Picture capabilities.

  1. The Amazon App Store

Finally, you should consider opening up your world to a wide variety of new applications from the Amazon App Store. Even though the Amazon App Store has been around since 2011, many people overlook this app store in favor of stores provided by Apple and Google. One of the most popular features of the Amazon App Store is their “free app of the day,” which allows you to download a specific application free of charge.

  1. Cyberflix Tv

Cyberflix TV is a video search engine that will take your query and search the entire web. Nothing is saved on its servers, it just gets the streaming videos from the internet.

7. AirBeam

AirBeam is free an app that allows you to screen mirror your phone or any other portable device to your Android TV. It also allows you to screen mirror to any game console or streaming device that runs on Android TV.

Find the Right App for Your Smart TV

These are a few of the most popular applications outside of the Play Store that you should consider. Check out what they have to offer!Also, if you are looking for Universal Remote Codes for your new universal remote control visit this website

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