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Top High Paying jobs in Project Management

From start-ups to multinational corporations, project managers have been the key person when it comes to balancing the team, handling the clients, budget and timing of the project. This is a growing field, as it is a critical field which requires skill, experience and passion for the project. To be a great Project manager, having a Project Management Professional certificate (PMP) is a must. PMP acts as an advantage when it comes to salary and earnings potential, apart from the knowledge gained. As a PMP, industry, methodology and location doesn’t matter as long as you understand the global language of the project, complete projects on time and on budget while achieving the original goal.

There are many fields available where PMP certification will be advantageous for you; it gives you a competitive edge which makes you the most preferable candidate in any sector or any industry. Before we discuss the top high paying jobs in project management lets understand the benefits of PMP certification. To know more about Scrum Master Certification please visit StarAgile website. 

Benefits of PMP certification

Benefits of PMP certification:

PMP certificate gives you a global level recognition and acts as an endorsement for your knowledge and professional experience. It leads to the credibility of the work which in return increases your market value. With PMP you will have a lot of opportunities and option to choose from, along with raise and promotion. PMP will help you in understanding the goal faster, increases adaptability, resilience & quick decision-making skills, and creates scenarios which will help you reach the company’s goal. Apart from training the current team members, a project manager’s job is to evaluate the potential employees too. PMP certification also helps in allocation the right talent in the right place.

PMP certification comes with a membership in PMI, it helps in creating opportunities or networking with other project manages in a similar sector across the globe. There are online communities which help in creating connection and are an important part of networking. Many organizations across the globe are looking for certifies project managers with great skills and it is not limited to just one industry. Language isn’t a barrier anymore, with PMP certification you can learn various languages which help in understanding the concepts adopted by the company. 

High Paying Job in Project Management:

Chief Executives:

Chief Executive, also known as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is the decision maker in the company. CEO manages the operation and reports to the board of directors and is the highest ranking individual/executing the organization. A CEO acts as the SPOC between the board of directors and the corporate relations; making a major decision including lower-level one, managing company’s resources & operation and creating strategies for the growth of the company comes under the responsibilities of the CEO. Since the CEO has to manage the whole company, it is the highest paying job, in any industry.

Information and Technology:

IT sector has rapidly grown in the past few decades. IT sector helps in simplifying the jobs for companies in other sectors, software and hardware is created to manage and distribute data collected from various sources. Since it is a field where all the products go through the trial and error process, a project manager or an IT manager plays an important role. In the past decade many projects, in the IT sector, failed due to the lack of proper leadership, resources and budget, a manager will be able to achieve the goal without any constraint.  A project manager creates and implements the strategies or goals of an organisation to minimize the trial and error process of an IT project.

Architectural Managers:

Architectural and Engineering Managers, with the help of their skills and knowledge, develop designs and products for an organisation. It is an era where creativity matter the most, managers try to create cost-efficient projects which help the company have a competitive edge in the market. Managers help in creating the budget, training the staff, coordinating with the client’s needs and creating a concept for the project. 

Financial Managers:

Financial managers are the most vital part of the organisation; they are the ones who approve the budgets created by marketing managers for their campaign, architectural managers for their designs and products, IT managers for developing new software and many more. They develop strategies for financial goals and develop reports for the same, handle investment accounts for the board of directors. Financial managers are on their toes 24/7 since you never know what might happen to the company when the stocks fluctuate or when demonetization strikes.

Marketing Managers:

Marketing managers creates campaigns and handles the social media accounts of the organization. They try to maintain the company’s positive image in the market as it increases the sale of the product. Marketing managers are the front end of the company as they tackle customer’s problem and create a good customer relationship.

Public Relations / Corporate Relations Manager:

A public or corporate relationship manager works on the image of the company or client. They try to maintain a positive image upon the public and handle any relation between the media and the organization. Whenever a company is mentioned in the media, it is with the help of public relations / corporate relations manager. Image risk, product promotion and event promotion across the state or country is handled by a PR Manager. PR manager also helps in maintaining the image of the spokesperson which is why a PR Manager is required in any company, even in a start-up.

Human Resource Manager:

A human Resource manager’s job is to recruit and retain the best talent available and training them for upcoming projects. An HR manager maintains a positive relationship between the employees and the company, as it also affects the outcomes of an employee.

If you want to be a manager or want to improve your skills, knowledge and passion for a company; PMP certification is the best option. A managers role cannot be taken over by any other employee who is not skilled enough, not everyone can lead or evaluate (or assign work to) a team. Managers help in allocating the right talent in the right project to achieve the targeted goal while minimizing the cost for the project and encouraging the employees for their work. A manager who is not capable enough to manage the employees or the project will fail the project for sure. This is where PMP certification comes in place, it helps in improving the knowledge and skills of an individual.

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