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10 Tips To Run A Sustainable Link Building Campaign

The link building campaign is a major part of SEO. The whole process of it can be a bit time taking but it is worth the wait. The impact of this has along lasting effect.There are lots of methods to build links for your website. In order to create a successful link building campaign, there are 2 parts of it. One is the planning part and second is the execution part. As we know process in SEO is a bit different compared to PPC.

You need to know the various techniques of link building in order to improve relevance and popularity of the website or brand. Experts in the field of SEO follow a certain method which helps them achieve better results in link building.

Sustainable Link Building

Some of the methods are given below:

1. Shortlisting Websites:  In order to approach a website, a thorough research should be done at first. There are websites which can look like a good prospect, but are actually not. In order to clarify the situation, domain authority information can be gathered through third party tools. If the website has a high DA score, then you should go forward in making a connection with them.

2. Guest Posting: This requires a bit of hard work for gaining better traffic. Some websites have this facility of guest posting. It would be a better idea if you are having a cordial relationship with them well in advance. There are certain themes you should have in mind related to articles. This can be done by creating several articles related to your expertise. You can show a part of an article as a sample. Guest posting helps in generating relevant backlinks. One point to remember here is that no matter what, you should always follow the rules and guidelines of the website related to guest posting.

3. Content Changes: The old content present on the website or the blog should always be changed as it helps in increasing the relevance of the page. There is something new which happens every day in the field of digital marketing. So, it is important to be updated and enter new content with time. Google also recognizes the fact and gives more importance to updated content. The SERP rankings definitely goes up when content is changed.

4. Contact Bloggers: You can log on to different social media websites by using a tool, this will help you in getting relevant bloggers name list. By contacting those popular bloggers, you can easily get good links to the website and current blogs. Bloggers can take time before they reply, patience is important. Even during regular conversation with them, try to be prompt in replying. Giving a brief introduction about yourself always helps when you start the interaction.

5. Write Engaging Content: The content should be made engaging as it will help in holding the audience. Links can’t be gathered easily if the content present is not engrossing. The users are going to click on the link only when the content is having proper substance. The content should be descriptive as well as informative. Now a days, author use images and info-graphics in order to catch the eye of the audience.

6. Unique Approach: In order to approach a website or a blogger, different types of drafts should be created. It is necessary to be precise in approach and design your message as such that it helps in starting a better relationship with the person or the organization concerned. No one is perfect in terms of pitching, but an innovative style always works better compared to the traditional ones.

7. Social Media: There are lots of social media platforms which can be helpful for link building. Twitter in this case can be utilized well as users over there search content based upon different topics. You can also develop a better relationship with the interested customers and clients by messaging or following them. It helps in reaching a wider range of audience. In the recent past, it has been seen that links are generally clicked for the first instance through social media.

8. Blog commenting: There many popular blogs which can be visited in order to build links. Now try to visit those blogs which have high traffic, read their posts and comment on it. Spamming them is a strict no-no as it will get you into more trouble. Visiting random blogs and commenting just for the sake of posting a comment will create a bad impression. Only comment if the blog is related to your industry or field. Also, whenever you are interacting with the author try to provide valuable information related to the post. A general comment won’t catch that much attention.

9 Collaborate with influencers: There are lots of influencers like bloggers who review various products and services. They can help in getting genuine natural backlinks. You need to be in touch with these influencers. The links when mentioned by them bring in huge traffic and that automatically will enhance the authority and reputation of the website.

10.Broken link building: This is an old-school strategy but it can still be quite useful. All you need to do is search for websites which are having broken links. Create a list of it and then try contacting the website owners. You need to make some e-mail drafts and ask the website owner about how your content can be good to replace that broken link. Assure them about the quality of your content. It is just like making a small house by borrowing a piece of land.


You got to know about how you can create a link building campaign. It is something which can look a bit tricky or a time taking process. There are chances that you might experience not so positive replies from website owners. Don’t panic or leave out early. You can create more drafts, sketch a plan and execute it.

Once you have gathered links through good websites, you will automatically start getting more links. You can then send new drafts to high authority websites and showcase them the previous websites where you got showcased. So, display your talent and pitch well in order to get backlinks.

Author Bio: Saurabh Shanker is the founder of Outsource SEM, is a digital marketing company which provides SEM, SEO, Analytics and web development services. He is a marketing technologist, specializing in user engagement and performance based campaigns.

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