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Top Factors to Consider When Designing a WordPress Website for Your E-Commerce Business

The success of an e-commerce business depends primarily on its website. Vancouver, WA, is home to over 190,900 residents, and about 92% of the population is active internet users. Experts who know e-commerce vancouver wa web design, can help you design your e-commerce website.

WordPress Website for Your E-Commerce Business

From scoring a perfect domain name to writing the perfect product descriptions, you will need the services of digital marketing experts for all steps involved in the web design and maintenance process.

Several successful e-commerce businesses use WordPress to design their websites. The platform offers several themes, plug-ins, and other analytical tools to users.

Select a Domain Name and Host

You don’t necessarily have to choose a domain name that suggests your website is an e-commerce website. However, your domain should be attractive, attention-grabbing, and relevant.

Your host or hosting provider is the service that will host your site on the internet. The quality and reliability of your host will impact the speed and functionality of your website.

The Themes and Plug-Ins

WordPress (learn more about creating a WordPress site via this createwpsite YouTube video) has several themes and templates that are specifically designed for e-commerce websites. Additionally, Plug-ins like WooCommerce can improve the functionality of your website. You may also choose additional extensions and tools to make your site look appealing.

The themes and templates you choose should suit the products you plan to sell. For example, fashion retail sales in Vancouver, WA, went up by 12% in 2021. If your primary business intends to sell female clothing attires, you should choose a theme that looks elegant and fashion-forward.

Similarly, if your WordPress e-commerce websites will mainly sell B2B products like lab test kits, electrical tools, or construction tools, you may want to stick to more formal, professional themes. Plug-ins like WooComemerce come with everything an online store is likely to need, like carts, checkout pages, payment gateways, and tax computation tools.

Plug-ins like Jetpack are also famous for e-commerce websites. Install your e-commerce plug-in with the help of professions specializing in web design in Vancouver, WA. Make a detailed assessment of the functionalities you want to integrate into your website, and then choose relevant plug-ins that offer the functionalities you want.

Product Pages

After installing your e-commerce plug-in, the next step is to set up your product pages and add actual products. The product name, image, and product descriptions form essential parts of your product descriptions. Choose excellent, high-quality images to make your page look impressive.

Then, add attractive product descriptions and meta descriptions. You can add virtual, downloadable products. It is also vital to categorize and tag your products correctly for the best results.

It is recommended you work with e-commerce experts for web design in Vancouver, WA, since they have experience creating and managing WordPress product pages.

The Payment Gateway

There are several plug-ins like Checkout and Paypal Express that are excellent WordPress payment gateways. Assess the functionality and speed of each plug-in and choose the best one.

Final Thought

It is also crucial to install plug-ins for security and support. Over 94% of the population in Vancouver uses smartphones. Hence, you may also check if the site is mobile compatible. The cost of creating an e-commerce website on WordPress will depend on the plug-ins and themes you plan to use.

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