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Top Apps For The Elderly

Are you on the search for the latest and best apps to simplify your lifestyle as a senior? Whether you’re on the look for an easier means to manage your medications, to help your relatives with their senior care, better weather predictions, personal finance help or something to entertain, you can be certain to come across an application in this list that you will find helpful.

Audible For Android and iOS

You want to enjoy your favorite books, but in this day and age, your vision problems shouldn’t restrict you from your reading hobby. With Audible, you gain access to numerous audiobooks, which you can listen from your phone or on some other digital gadgets including Amazon Echo using Alexa. You start with a free book and then sign up for a monthly subscription.

Top Apps For The Elderly

Pillboxie For iOS

For seniors, medical regimes can seem to be quite complicated, depending on the condition. However, it’s possible to do away with the confusion and stay on track with the application Pillboxie. With this app, you can track your prescriptions, doses, how regular you should take the medicine and even set alerts or reminders when it’s time to take medicine. Pillboxie sets itself apart with its innovative interface that makes sorting and recognizing your medical regime pretty easy.

DarkSky For Android and iOS

Are you on the hunt for the latest and precise weather forecast? Well, you may want to give DarkSky a shot. This is a distinct app that combines hyperlocal weather data with radar to give you real-time data on what to expect in regards to the weather in your area. You get alerts on when the weather will be changing, 10-day forecast, local radar and so much more. DarkSky is simply everything you would want in a weather application.

Medisafe For Android and iOS

Medisafe is another application that’s designed to help the elderly stay on track with their medical regimes but in a more strict manner according to Senior Care Center. The app prioritizes the security of the patient and HIPAA compliance. It ideally works with pharmacists and doctors to help senior patients manage their health. Information on drug interactions, pill reminders, appointment management and dosage tracking all make the application one of the best medicine regime tracking apps out there.

Yelp For Android and iOS

Searching for a great place to grab lunch or dinner? Would you like to know what others are saying about the new restaurant that you have been wanting to try? Well, Yelp proves to be one of the best apps for finding information regarding local business including menus, hours, reservations, contact information as well as reviews.

ArtKive for Android and iOS

When school starts, you are bound to get a lot of artwork from the grandchildren. And if you are running out of space for the pieces on your fridge, then you need a solution to store them. Well, ArtKive is currently the best app for that. Scan, upload and store your grandkids artwork securely on the cloud. You can even have the artwork printed into albums, books, gifts, etc.

Lumosity for Android and iOS

With too much free time as a senior, you’ll want to stay sharp mentally with fun and interesting brain games from Lumosity. The app features a lot of refreshing games and puzzles that challenge your memory, recall, attention as well as learning processes. It essential for the elderly to combat cognitive decline and this app can be a useful tool for practising problem solving, critical thinking as well as fine motor skills.

Skype for Android and iOS

Nowadays, keeping in touch with your loved ones, regardless of the location has never been easier. Skype is perhaps the most popular video chatting tool and IM service that is free and allows you to video call friends using the internet with almost any device. Catch Up with old friends, grandkids and everyone else and stay socially active even when your mobility is limited. 

Spotify for Android and iOS

Are you a fan of music? Do you like the idea of listening to the best music in your days without having to dig up old records and CDs? Well, Spotifyallows you to enjoy almost every song in a digital manner in almost every digital device. You can easily create a playlist and easily access your favorite tunes in an instant.

Find My iPhone for iOS

Misplacing your phone can be very inconvenient and searching for it can be a hassle, especially if you are a senior. This app will locate your phone using another iOS device by pinpointing its geolocation.

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