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Five Advantages of Using Bitly for Digital Marketing

The online world has become a competitive place to do business. Sharing website URLs is essential to marketing your products and services. Every business has various services to offer. Naturally, all these services cannot be on the same webpage of the company. Therefore, each of these services would have a unique website URL. Sharing long URLs can be a challenge especially on social media. Twitter has come up with a 140 character limit on its posts thereby making it difficult for companies to indulge in digital marketing. Hence, they require the services of Bitly to resolve the issue. Let us what Bitly is and the advantages of Bitly pricing and other matters related to Bitly.

What is Bitly?

Bitly is a powerful online service that helps shorten URLs and enables you to manage your digital marketing effectively. Bitly has a reputation for being the world’s largest URL shortening service provider.

How do Bitly shorten your website URL?

Generally, website URLs are long and cumbersome to remember. It is because they directly navigate you to the requisite page without the customer having to struggle to locate the individual page. Bitly shortens these long URLs by replacing them with a unique set of numbers and alphabets. It helps you to share your URLs on social media, especially Twitter that imposes character count restrictions.

Benefits of Bitly for Digital Marketing

1.    Bitly comes free of cost

The most significant advantage of Bitly is that it is available free. Any business can avail its services by signing up for it. Therefore, companies save on the cost factor. Apart from the cost factor Bitly comes with various other advantages.

2.    Customisation of URLs

Bitly service helps you to customise your URLs and use it to your advantage. Bitly is a URL shortening service provider. They use a unique combination of letters and numbers to reduce the size of your URLs considerably. You can add to it by customising the letters and numbers and give a personal touch to the URL. It is handy because you do not have to remember long URLs while typing them out on your advertising campaigns. Your clients can also find it challenging to remember the links. Having a short URL is beneficial for your marketing and branding purposes.

3.    Access Statistical Information

Besides saving you money and enabling you to customise your URLs, Bitly provides you access to vital statistical information that is beneficial for the digital marketing campaigns. For each Bitly link, you have its stat page through which you can access statistical information regarding the number of clicks that each of your links record. It is also possible to calculate the percentage of total clicks that came from your Bitly links. You also get information on the total clicks on all Bitly links pointing to similar content or information. This statistics can help you to devise effective digital marketing strategies. You get to know which of your links is performing better than the others. It enables you to tweak strategies whereby all your Bitly links perform at approximately the same level.

4.    Gauge the performance of your links

The statistical information provided by Bitly is handy for your digital campaigns because it enables you to gauge the performance of your links over a period. You have access to bar graph views that display the amount of incoming traffic towards your specific link on a particular day. You can also narrow down this period to the hour. This statistical piece of information is useful for your digital campaigns because the timing of the customers accessing your links plays a vital role in deciding the future course of your digital marketing campaigns. Now, people are busy with their work. You have specific periods in the day such as the half-hour after lunchtime where people access their social media accounts. Bitly provides this vital information so that you can channelise your future marketing campaigns around the time of the day when people are most likely to access social media.

5.    Identify market trends

Finally, Bitly provides you with vital information to help you identify market trends. You also get info about the stories that attract people in real life. In providing this feature, Bitly serves as an analytical tool for your business by filtering stories based on topic, social platform, language, and area. The essence of any digital marketing campaign is that it increases awareness of your products in the market.

Final words

We can sum up the contribution of Bitly towards your digital marketing campaigns in a nutshell. Bitly pricing is the most significant advantage for all businesses because it does not cost you a penny. Any business would be ready to give anything for availing the benefits of such a customisable online service. Statistical analysis of your digital campaigns is possible. Improvisation is also possible because you can gauge the performance of your links. Finally, Bitly serves as a useful analytical tool for your business.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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