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TOP 8 Perfect Websites for College Students

Nowadays, there’re hundreds online resources for all student’s needs and tastes: from different social networks to writing services or libraries. We tried to gather the most helpful sites for college students to improve their skills in planning, writing, brainstorming and many other educational areas. Use this custom coursework writing to order your coursework about any topic. So, we are happy to represent you TOP 8 best links for your help:

Perfect Websites for College Students

  • Flvto
    With this fabulous service students can transform videos into the mp3 audio files, just by adding the URL to the special form and enter the bottom “convert”. By this software, you can listen to videos on the go, even if you don’t have any Wi-Fi access. So, if you need to write an essay on particular video presentation like TED talks just copy the address into the Flvto and enjoy it wherever you go.
  • Ice Cream Apps
    Our Internet-based world forces us to react faster. It means that all web-based home assignments need quick and easy solutions. Ice Cream Apps provides the necessary software for different student’s tasks like converting videos, capturing screenshots, creating slideshows and all other required stuff. So you have no need to search for various programs for each task and find all needments in one place. Quite convenient, isn’t it?
  • Rate My Professors
    In this useful website, you can read real-life reviews from real students and decide which teacher’s classes to take and which professors are better to avoid. You can quickly find your teacher or school. Also, there are numbers of useful articles to read.
    Visit this service and your academic paper will always be ready for submission. You can be sure, that you receive a high-quality paper from professional writers and editors. Furthermore, if you have to combine educational and working processes, it will be your lifebuoy in writing.
  • Slack
    To improve the communication efforts in your study group or connect project partners, try to use Slack. It was created not just for business people and startups, but also for students. Here you can find chat rooms classified by topics, as well as direct messages and private groups.
  • Pocket
    With the help of Pocket, you as a college student have unlimited opportunities to save articles, videos, and other stuff from the internet to enjoy it later. After saving in the Pocket, the list of materials will be available on different devices – computer, mobile phone or laptop. Moreover, you can easily return to reading even if you’re offline.
  • Glass Door
    Glassdoor is a worldwide community that helps people find the permanent job of their dreams and provides companies with the opportunity to recruit talents in the new interactive way. The website consists of about 6 million reviews, salary reports, office photos, CEO approval ratings, comments of real employees and many more interesting data.
  • Study Blue
    By this resource, students can create interactive flashcards that help them make notes without wasting the paper. Also, you’re not alone on this educational journey because you can freely connect with other students by a shared library of users’ content.

Useful Websites Every College Student

10 Most Useful Websites Every College Student Needs To Know

We all know that being a college student is tough, and the less savvy you are, the harder it gets. That’s why various life hacks, useful resources and tricks are so popular in the college community. Here is a list of 10 websites that will make your life as a college student much easier.

Ice Cream Apps.  Doing one’s homework takes time, and the technical part of it is probably the most time and labor consuming. Imagine finding a perfect picture for your presentation and not being able to resize it. Annoys, doesn’t it? Ice Cream Apps provides a set of tools to take care of your technical needs. Resizing an image? Done. Converting PDFs into the txt format and vice versa? Easy! Converting audio and video files? Start right now! As the company claims, this is where you can find cheap analogs for expensive Windows software (Mac versions are being developed right now).

Royal Essays. Having problems with writing assignments? Get some quality help. Consults, materials and other kinds of professional assistance are provided here around the clock, 24/7. Initially created for UK students, the website is now oriented to an international clientele.

Slack. Organization is important, and so the software designed for coordination of studying efforts is an extremely valuable asset. With Slack, your project team will be able to communicate, align its tasks and make sure all the deadlines are met.

Pocket. Going over sources before writing a paper? Pocket will make your work easier! Save the materials you’d like to read later in just a few clicks. Didn’t you dream about it the last time you worked on a college assignment?

Unigo. Having objective information about schools and programs is essential, and Unigo can help you with that. Keep abreast with news and reviews of colleges, as well as find other relevant information here.

The College Investor. Thinking about a student loan? Need some help managing your finances, as well as financial tricks and advice? Try The College Investor! It can help you avoid taking a loan and make more money while studying.

OpenStudy. Not a lonely wolf? Need some helping hand or at least a like-minded study buddy? Use OpenStudy to get to know people who want the same.

Copyscape. We all know that plagiarism is a true plague of modern college students. Avoid any problems using Copyscape website, where you can upload your papers and check them for uniqueness. It will cost you 5 cents per search.

Study Hall. Get help preparing for tests! Study Hall provides a base of best tutors and online prep courses for those who have studying problems or want to get in the school of their dream.

Glass Door. Check out this website to find reviews and comments left by actual employees of the companies you want to work at.

Use these diverse resources to overcome difficulties and seize the best opportunities available!

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