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Top 8 Features To Look For When You Are Searching For Construction Software

Construction projects are becoming more and more perplexed. As a result, many of them are struggling with serious productivity and project management bottlenecks. The good news is that the advent of new technologies can provide the building sector with some valuable solutions.

Top 8 Features To Look For When You Are Searching For Construction Software


More and more project managers are investing in construction software in an effort to eliminate delays and unnecessary costs. Finding the right tool, though, isn’t that easy. There are simply too many options in the market and the research can truly be confusing.

But there is no reason to worry about it! We decided to save you the hassle and present below the most important features that you should look for while searching for construction software.

1. Real-time communication

Communication is the foundation for every building project. In that sense, you need a digital tool that allows real-time collaboration and establishes a smooth flow of information. This will be a significant step forward in your effort to connect the site back to the office in a quick and effective manner. Like that, everybody will be on the same page when it comes to the progress of your project. For all these reasons, while searching for a construction software you should insist on choosing a tool that can allow you both to send and receive project updates instantly.

2. Cloud-based

As we already mentioned before, construction is under a critical transition from pen and paper to the cloud. That being said, you need a reporting tool that can store your project information online and at the same time make it accessible to the numerous project stakeholders. In other words, you need a digital tool that can become the backbone of your building process and enable transparency and accountability. Keeping your data safe is also indispensable, so make sure that you choose a construction software that can protect your project information without limiting your flexibility in terms of managing these bits of information.

3. Powerful Gantt Chart

Gantt Charts can be an excellent way to visualise everything that takes place on and off-site. Finding a software that can provide you that is of paramount importance. In that manner, you can make fast changes and updates on the schedule and feel confident that everything proceeds according to the plan. Simply put, an interactive Gantt Chart can be perfect for keeping everything organised and ensuring that the numerous tasks are monitored closely.

4. Mobile field reporting

While working on site, it’s essential that you can report easily any last minute changes. There is no reason to waste your time on endless meetings and phone calls. Search for a software that can make it possible to you report problems, changes and updates from your smartphone. Photos can also be a powerful element during the building process. It should be an important component of your reporting tool, as well. By visualising the challenges on site, it will be easier for the guys back in the office to understand your needs and help you overcome any obstacles that you may encounter.

5. Automatic construction reports

Paperwork is one of the biggest pains for construction projects. It can absorb great amounts of your time on a daily basis. With that in mind, it is very important that you find a tool which can make your life easier and help you save precious time during the reporting process. Automatic reports should be regarded as an important feature when someone is looking for construction software. Thanks to them, you can keep a close eye on everything that concerns your project. Being able to customise your progress reports is also fundamental. In that way, you can share the right information with the right people and focus on particular events and tasks.

6. Progress overview

If you are working as a construction manager, it is quite possible that you are working on more than one projects at the same time. Having a bird’s eye view over the numerous projects and tasks is extremely important. You should always remember this when you are looking for construction software. In that way, you can always be sure that you have control over the different project teams and that you can effortlessly detect the pains and challenges on each of your projects. At the moment, there are digital tools that can provide you with a detailed dashboard which depicts the exact stage of your project (eg. by presenting the completion percentage).

7. Weather updates

It comes as no surprise when we say that weather plays a decisive role in construction. That being said, it is vital for the outcome of your project to always remain on top of the upcoming weather phenomena in the area where you operate. A reliable reporting tool can solve this problem for you. Create fast and easy automatic weather reports which then you can easily share with the other members of your team. Like that, you can prioritize or reschedule tasks according to the upcoming weather conditions.

8. Helpful onboarding

Last but certainly not least, you want to take support and onboarding seriously. In that manner, you can feel safe that you and your team can make the most out of the use of construction software. Ideally, you should go for a digital tool which provides live support 24/7. This is indispensable if we consider that many times you might have to manage building projects in different locations, even continents sometimes. Plus, a good onboarding team can train effectively your project members and help build a competent team.

Final thoughts

To sum up, it’s evident that there are many factors that you should take into serious consideration before you choose the right construction software for your project. Hopefully, this article can help you get a better idea of what you should look for.

About the author: Anastasios Koutsogiannis is Content Marketing Manager at GenieBelt.

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