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Top 6 SEO Tips That Will Get Your Business Noticed

Other than growing the profit margin and acquiring a larger customer base, businesses with websites online seek to dominate SERPs. Being on the second page of Google may not necessarily derail you from receiving traffic, but, your company will not be very visible and accessible by searchers.

All businesses must be predominantly aggressive in taking up SEO techniques that will improve their visibility, particularly small businesses, and those in very competitive industries. Take a look at the following top six SEO tips that will get your business noticed online:

SEO Tips That Will Get Your Business

Establish relationships and partnership

While it is possible to accomplish so much online when you go solo on all matters SEO, you have the potential to go further with alliances and partnerships with other business. So many companies in your industries may be doing better than you, and instead of viewing them as the enemy, you can find common ground to work together.

Partner with website owners in your industry for blog posts, content creation, events, forums, discussions, among others. This way, you capitalise on their target audience while keeping your own engaged and catered for with quality content. These partnerships go a long way in earning backlinks for your site, which is a plus to your SEO campaign.

Become a social media guru

Social media alone is a powerful digital marketing and relationship-building tool, and when integrated into an SEO campaign, can realise fantastic results. The first advantage of being a social media guru is the fact that social networks have to some extent become search engines in that when people cannot find you on social media, they do not find you to be legit or relevant for that matter. Secondly, social media platforms have a high domain authority, hence will show up top on Google’s searches.

Increase your followers as you interact on different platforms by sharing quality posts, sharing and retweeting other people’s work, while leaning close to visualisation. You can also develop your keywords through hashtags, as well as organise contests and other activities, all of which will further draw the attention of audiences to your business.

Be precise and accurate with NAP

Local SEO serves a lot of good to businesses, especially the small ones. NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) allows your audience to find you online easily, and the more consistent you are, the more visible your business will be. Ensure the NAP information is precise and accurate while avoiding numerous details that might be confusing, for example, multiple phone numbers, different email addresses, among others.

Further, ensure your NAP is mentioned severally on different sites online so that search engines can pick up on that information, and make your business more accessible to people. You can also use markup n your NAP in such a way to give Google and other search engines a clear guide on how to display that information.

Share infographics

The 21st century is a very visual era, and with well-designed infographics, you can be sure to capture a broader audience by grasping their attention will graphics even before you communicate to them. The best thing about infographics is that they sneak in information in people’s minds without them feeling like they are reading to do so.

Invest in an expert in graphic design so quality can remain a priority. Ensure your graphics are clear, but more importantly, that your info stands out because your goal is to communicate your message. Share the infographics on different sites online, and since they are highly shareable, you can rest assured that they will bring back the attention back to your business.

Write a blog

Business websites are very reserved when it comes to matters of content sharing. Most share information about their products and services, with emphasis on their profit margins, among other achievements.

However good this approach may seem, audiences do not usually relate to such businesses, unless they are employees, shareholders, or directly affiliated to the organisation. Writing a blog provides your business with an alternative channel to reach out to your audience on essential matters in your industry, without particularly having to be about the achievements of your company. This way, you provide them with enough value to want to visit your website for more and purchase your products and services.

Build and join communities

Communities online help consolidate people with the same interests in one place where there is a pool of information in their industry of interest. Joining such a community-specific to your sector lets you explore a broader audience while giving you more ideas on what the audiences are interested in, so you can capitalise on them as potential topics for your blog.

Deciding to build such a community makes you an identifiable authority in your industry, giving you more control over the information shared, and the value you provide to the audience. Such is a great way to get noticed online.

Fame has a price to be paid, and for businesses, if you are to get noticed, these six SEO tips should give you’re a smooth and swift start. For more on ranking high on SERP, visit

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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