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Top 6 Effective Tips for Hiring House Washing Services

Top 6 Effective Tips for Hiring House Washing Services

Cleaning is one of the most crucial parts of the day for an average person. Day in and day out, people make sure their houses are clean and spotless but have you stopped to look at the exterior of your house? People often neglect the outside because they live inside and don’t stop to see the walls and windows from the outside.

Having a clean exterior is just as important as having a clean interior. Why? Because your guests and trespassers see and examine the outside of your house before they walk in the house. So, how do you keep the house exterior shiny and spotless? For a more lasting impression, we advise the pressure or power washing technique. You don’t have to hire a crew for power wash house service every week. Power washing can be done monthly or bi-monthly.

Understanding Power Washing & Pressure Washing

The similarities between the two washing techniques are that they both use high-end, popular equipment to get rid of dirt, algae, and grime. Another similarity is, both techniques emit water with maximum pressure to get rid of unwanted algae and dirt.

While there are some similarities, the techniques also have one major difference. The pressure washing technique uses normal temperature water, while power washing uses hot water to remove gunk from unwanted places.

Tips for Hiring A Great Contractor for House Washing

It’s important to hire a company that can deliver what it promises, which is getting a spotless house. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you hire a contractor for the cleaning of your house exterior.

1. Get Someone Insured

The first thing you need to make sure is that the pressure washing company is licensed, registered, and insured with the respective government. When you hire a washing crew, you don’t want to be held responsible for any mishaps like injuries, failure of equipment, etc. A licensed company will have a professional team that will know how to act and work accordingly.

Make sure the company you hire is liable and holds full responsibility for any unwanted mishaps. The company should have insured equipment and workers.

2. Do Extensive Research

Stop. Think. Decide. Refrain from picking the first company that you come across or talk to. Multiple companies offer the same services at different prices and criteria. When you look around, make sure you’re hiring the best and getting a great deal. Don’t get estimates, get a proper price quote, have the contractor visit your home to get the actual price quote.

Additionally, to make sure you’re hiring a great company, check out each companies’ reviews, portfolio, and the official website. Most businesses have social media pages and reviews on top firm websites, which can help you analyze and decide on the best service provider.

3. Don’t Hire the Cheapest

Just because the contractor is cheap and charging less, that doesn’t make him great. It can be tempting to hire a company that doesn’t charge a hefty amount but don’t expect them to offer top-notch services. A service provider that’s offering very cheap services sound very suspicious, and they might cut corners, use low-quality products, or add hidden charges to your bill.

Before you judge and hire a power washing provider based on their prices, research on the company, ask around and then hire. However, cheap also doesn’t mean the worst. There is a chance that if you look at reviews and ask around, you’ll be able to hire a cheap service provider that delivers on their promise.

4. Check the Equipment

Power washing looks like an easy technique because it’s just pointing and shooting. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. It requires lounging around heavy washing equipment and cleaning supplies that can only be done if your machines are in top shape.

While hiring a contractor, don’t be afraid to ask to see the equipment, cleaning supplies, and meeting the cleaning crew. You’ll be paying the company for their services, and its 100% okay to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. So, when you check the equipment, make sure it’s professional and in optimum condition. Equipment that is old, dusty, and rusty is unlikely to do a professional and perfect job of cleaning your house. Additionally, you can also ask to see the model number to work out how old the equipment is.

5. Hire Someone Experienced

Power washing and pressure washing come with two different settings, hard wash, and soft wash. The hard wash setting is used for tough and hard surfaces like decks, trailers, gazebos, walls, fences, concrete surfaces, trucks, walkways, etc. The soft wash technique is used for light surfaces like windows, railings, stairs, vehicles, rooftops, wooden decks, vinyl or brick surfaces, etc.

You will need to hire a team of professionals who know what surface requires which magnitude of cleaning and power washing. Your property is your pride, and you spent money on it, which means you’ll be more content with someone who has a power washing experience of more than five years.

6. Hire on Reference

Reliable and trustworthy references will help you make the best decision that you can stick to. If you’re hiring a good company, then it won’t be difficult to find authentic references that you can easily rely on. However, in case you can’t find anyone who can refer you to a suitable power washing firm, then call customers of the ones you’ve shortlisted. Alternatively, you can also ask the company for references, either they’ll provide references or be hesitant. If the owner is reluctant, look the other way.

Hire Only the Best Firm!

Most people hire power washing services from time to time. If you find a company that is reliable, affordable and provides top-notch washing services, then don’t let go of them. Power washing is done once a month or once in two months. Some companies even offer yearlong subscriptions, but before opting for those, do a trial run and then hire them for a year! Good luck!

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