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Top 5 Uses Of Home 3d Printers

3D printing has been a breakthrough invention of recent times. It is fabulous to see the technology is doing wonders in almost all areas including healthcare where limbs & parts are being 3D printed, costume design, real estate, and domestic uses. Today, you can use a handy 3D printer at home to make kitchen decor items and design your own costumes as well. Let us find out how you can put your amazing home 3D printer to good use. If you are thinking of buying a 3D printer and have spare cartridges from your desktop printer, you can get cash for toner online to help pay for one.

Top 5 Uses Of Home 3d Printers

Provide Support For cords and devices  

3D printing is as amazing and exciting as designing a cool website banner through With a great home 3D printer like HP Sprout Pro G2, your creativity will certainly get a great lift. Use your printer to support your domestic appliances and household accessories like USB cords, chargers, and even cables. Although this printer is built for 3D printing, you will be surprised to know that you can also create items to manage and organize all these little things. Print a cable holder or a lighting cable saver to avoid tangled cords and misplaced chargers. With these printed holders, you will be able to keep your cables and chargers safely organized in one place.

Create Fabulous kitchen Decor

Time to unleash your aesthetic prowess! Print out a cool new set of dishes or spoons for your meals. You can even print items to add to the hygiene aspect of your kitchen like containers to keep your cutlery clean from dust, and vibrant covers to keep your dips and salad bowl covered. Print matching bottle openers, bag clips, and hooks to keep your food fresh and clean. It is as easy and thrilling as learning to fly a drone. Make sure you print patterns that match with your kitchen’s decor for a smashing look.

Give Your Garden A New Look

Do you have an inspiring collection of plants in your garden? How about stepping up the ambiance by 3D printing voguish planters. These planters are not as hard to print as appliance parts or door hinges because they require little technical knowledge. You can also use these planters for your indoor plants, create a self-watering planter or turn your empty glass jar into a tiny greenhouse for your prized plantation.

Print Your Own Tools

Save yourself the time to go out to the hardware store and use your 3D home printer to create your own items and tools like hangers, door hinges, u-hooks, and tiny cabinets. You can hang your clothes like scarves and coats on these hooks, pegs, and hangers. Stock your belongings in modular hex drawers that you have printed yourself and cabinets straight out of your printer.

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