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Mini Drone Flying Tips for Beginners

Aerial photography has become quite popular these days and thanks to mini drones, you can capture anything and everything you need from above the ground. As interesting as this may sound though, not every Tom, Dick and Harry can get a good view with a mini drone. This post is therefore meant to enlighten you on how to fly the mini drones and how to capture some exciting moments off the ground.

First things first; we must acknowledge that the demand for aerial photography and videography is growing by the day. In as much as drones are a little pricey, a great majority of people would give anything for that eye-bird’s view of their events. So, whether you have seen a drone in action before or you are just familiarizing yourself with the idea, keep reading.

  • Mini drone reviews – Every now and then, you will come across mini drone roundup and reviews. This is meant to help buyers find the best drone, at least according to their tastes and preferences. Before settling for a certain make or design, take time to browse the internet. You will certainly get enough information about the drones; information that is good enough for you to make a choice.
  • Buy from a reliable supplier – If you have bought something online before, you know that some suppliers are not to be trusted. Do not buy your camera drones from just any supplier. In fact, before settling for one, check if the supplier has provided the drone specs, pricing, ratings and a summary of reviews from clients that have used the drones before. If you don’t know where to buy your drone, seek for recommendations from people who have used them before.
  • Know the status of your drone – What most people don’t know is that drones come in three different states; ready to fly drones, almost ready to fly drones, and bind and fly drones. Just like their names suggest, the ready to fly drones do not require any assembling as everything comes set. On the other hand, the almost ready to fly need partial assembling while the bind to fly ones come without the controller (comes separately).
  • Settle for drones with a larger image sensor – If you are planning to shoot in the dark, a drone with a large image sensor would be great. However, whether you plan to shoot during the day or night shoots, always go for drones with large image sensors. They always capture good quality images from above the ground.
  • Finally, consider the battery life – A mini drone is more like a smartphone. The longer the battery life, the more efficient and effective the drone will be. However, even with a longer battery life, the drone will eventually run out of battery. So, it would be great if you invest in a spare battery.

With the above tips, I am sure that you will settle for the perfect drone. And once you buy it, start to learn the ins and outs before you can put it to work.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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