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Top 5 Technical Skills you must have to become Data Scientist

Data science is a very dynamic area and the most popular technology used worldwide today. All the companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube, etc are using data science to smoothly work on the available bulk data and get useful insights.

As time is passing by so is the increase in the data. Every day tons of data come to the company and it becomes mandatory to properly access the data, work on it and properly process it. The role of a data scientist is to access data from all the possible sources, clean it and extract out the useful data and further perform analysis on it. This helps the company to move forward and get profits in the businesses.

Technical Skills you must have to become Data Scientist

The demand for the data scientists is very high in the market but you need to possess all the relevant skills to get the job. So now the major question is what skills to learn. Well don’t worry, we have listed out all the relevant things that are required to be learned to become a proficient data scientist. Have a look at them below:

Mandatory qualification

In the competitive world of today, you need to at least have graduation completed in mathematics, computer science or relevant areas. It is good to have a master’s degree or PhDs done in data science to make yourself stand out of the crowd. It is good to have knowledge of statistics to do mathematical calculations.

Technical skills

Once you are done with the mandatory qualification, you need to become an expert in the below mentioned technical skills:

  • R programming

To become a proficient data, it is important to have deep knowledge of any of the one analytical tools and when it comes to analytical tool, nothing can beat R. Yes, in the world of data science, the developers always prefer using R over any other tool. R is designed after keeping into mind the needs of data science. Almost 43% of data scientists are using R for solving any of the statistical problems.

  • Python

When it comes to coding language, Python is the most common language used by the data scientists. You can use it along with C, C++, Java, and Perl, etc. For data scientists, Python is the most preferred language. As the language is highly versatile, you can use it in all the steps of data processing. With python, you can access data from all the possible sources and allow creating datasets. Python is highly flexible, easy to understand and learn and comes with many useful frameworks and libraries.

  • Hadoop

We cannot say that Hadoop is a must-know skill for becoming data science but it is plus to have the knowledge of Hadoop for many of the cases. If you have knowledge of Pig or Hive, it is an added advantage for you to get selected in the interview. A recent study by CrowdFlower shows that Hadoop is the second most relevant and important skill set for a data scientist. Hadoop comes into being majorly when you do not have much of the physical memory to save data. Also, it can be used for data exploration, filtration, data summarization, and sampling.

  • SQL

Although nowadays, big data and Hadoop have become the most used components still it is mandatory to know SQL. You should be able to write simple/complex SQL queries. This will help you to extract the data add or delete data and perform operations on it in the relational database. You need to be highly proficient in SQL to become a skilled data scientist.

  • Machine learning

Machine learning is another highly demanded technology in the market and to stand out of the data scientists rush, it is good to have knowledge of artificial intelligence, neural networks, and machine learning, etc. Working with complex datasets becomes easy when you know about machine learning.

When you get enough knowledge of all the skill sets mentioned above, grabbing a data scientist role becomes quite simple and easy for you. To get proper knowledge of all the above-mentioned skills, it is good, if you take data science training in Mumbai from Techdata Solutions where you will get to learn all the skills in details. Then getting jobs will also be simple and definitely, the sky will be your limit.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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