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Top 5 Secure And Advanced Storage Systems You Can Use

Storage is becoming ever more important in this day and age, as we have more and more data that needs to be stored safely and accurately, without being in danger of damage or loss.There are many different types of storage available; it all depends on what your business does, how they access information, and how they think that their information storage will change in the future. These storage facilities can be anything from IBM servers, to cloud storage.


Zoolz is something which gives access to cloud storage to specifically smaller businesses, which maybe couldn’t afford the prices which are asked of big business and corporations. Zoolz specifically gives unlimited users and servers, which makes it much easier for individual businesses to scale up and down as their storage needs change –this is something which is particularly useful for start-ups, as it means that they don’t need to switch storage providers when they grow, and begin to need more storage space. There are also no caps put on the bandwidth needed for data download, which means that the storage will always be available when you need it. 


JustCloud is cheaper than a lot of storage options, with prices starting at slightly below six dollars per month for seventy five gigabytes of data (plus security and technical support). This storage facility backs up automatically to its servers whatever is on people’s computer, whether it be pictures, documents, music, or other things. The cloud means that people are never without their files, wherever they need them, and JustCloud specifically backs up the files which are on its cloud for safekeeping.


Hightail is a company which stretches around the world to provide cloud storage to many companies. Any user can send files through the cloud, no matter what size they are, and the cloud security allows them to strictly control who sees them and when. A unique feature of Hightail is that it allows users to send what it calls ‘spaces’ to each other – these are links to specific projects and documents which can be edited and updated as a team. Apps means that files can be accessed from anywhere, and any time they are needed.


Open drive is cloud-based storage which stands out because it has three separate services to help its users: OpenDrive drive for storage; OpenDrive notes for notetaking and making to-do lists, among other things; and OpenDrive Tasks for project management. 


Mozy gives users cloud back-up, automatic syncing, and mobile access to all of its users, with sync services working behind the scenes to keep every file automatically updated through the day.

Obviously, the type of storage you use for your company is dependent on a lot of things, and luckily there are many articles to help you decide what to do. There are trends in storage at the moment, which is something that any business should look into to see what is in fashion, and what people think is useful.

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