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Top 5 ReactJS based UI Frameworks

 What is UI Framework

A great UI is something that can make wonders for any App and Software. However, the ability to develop a great UI depends a lot on the type of framework that has been used in its construction. So, the choice of framework for UI development will have a large say in the final efficacy and attractive quotient of any UI. Currently, there are many different frameworks that offer great UI building opportunities. However, it is really difficult and expensive for any ReactJS development company to test them all and then opt for one.

Hence, we have come up with the Top 5 ReactJS based UI Frameworks that you can opt without having the second doubt of any kind. Read the following post to find the basic details of Top 5 ReactJS based UI Frameworks and to find the characteristics that make them this good.

Top ReactJS based UI Frameworks


The name is synonymous to the most wonderful platform for UI development. Actually, this is a set of the React Components that have been programmed such that they can implement the Material Design Guidelines from Google. This is undoubtedly one of the best frameworks with its ability to lend an impeccable touch to the overall design and menu planning. The libraries have been programmed such that the actual UI elements stay a minimum while encompassing all kinds of inspirations and textures from the real world. The most notable components are App Bars; Badges; Auto Complete; Buttons; Cards; Icons; Menus; Dialog Boxes; sliders and lots more. Another plus point is the availability of React themes and templates for custom color themes.


The next name in the list of the Top 5 ReactJS based UI Frameworks is Semantic-UI which is yet another amazing platform that comes with lots of attractive features. Using human-friendly HTML for the framework development, this offers the ease of UI designing. It has integrations with Angular, React, Ember, Meteor and many other frameworks. All the functionalities of jQuery have been implemented in a novel manner to be compatible with React. You can load any CSS theme on top of the Semantic-UI React App and you enjoy complete access to markup as well. Hence, component customizing is flexible in nature.


Coming to the next member of this list, we have React-Bootstrap which is a kit that keeps the Bootstrap core intact. The kit offers more control over the function and form of each component of the UI design system. The Bootstrap JavaScript has been replaced with React in this framework and each component is accessible readily. The React-Bootstrap has not come too far from the Bootstrap origins and offers millions of Bootstrap themes to the developers.

Ant Design

It is an enterprise-class UI design framework with enterprise-class UI designing language. Ant Design has an implementation based on React and is basically a set of high-quality React components. Ant Design provides excellent support for server-side rendering; Electron Environments and Browsers. It comes with lots of components and also features a tutorial. It is one of the most popular and has a library which is actively maintained.


The Grommet is also one of the Top 5 ReactJS based UI Frameworks that you can opt for UI designing. This is an Open Source UI development tool that is efficient and suitable for a diverse menu and UI creation needs. This is a React-based framework that offers modularity and themes in a neat manner. Accessibility and responsiveness are the other two major plus points of this platform. The platform boasts of offering a flexible layout and powerful tools for themes. It also allows component interaction which means that the developer is having enhanced control over the App development.

These are the Top 5 ReactJS based UI Frameworks that you can opt for an immensely integrated and well-formed UI development.

ReactJS is one of the most successful UI framework used by various software development companies today. Get high-performing UI frameworks from the leading  ReactJS development company in India.


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