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5 Contact Lenses Technologies In 2019

There are many contact lenses, and as time goes on, they continue being improvised with new technology. The current technology has come up with the best contact lenses, which will conquer it all in 2019. There are best contact lenses that have improvised technology, which is explained in this article. If you are looking for the best eyewear to aid you, you can check the internet and buy Contact Lenses online.

5 Contact Lenses Technologies In 2019

  1. Nanowafer’ Dissolving Contact Lenses

When you deliver medicine into your eye, always it may become tricky, especially when you regularly have to since eye reflex can wash away the medicine; hence, its effectiveness will be reduced. Not any parent can either endure administering eye drops to their children, and this had made technology to come up with thin lenses that are called �nanowafer’ which may deliver the drugs into one’s eye for a longer time. Nanowafers are known to dissolve slowly hence releasing some drug amount into an eye where the rate of dissolving may be from hours to days. It hence offers a steady, reliable dose compared to normal dose administrations.

  1. The Telescopic Contact Lenses

Some people at some points have wished to possess superpowers, which can be a reality from the research of a certain team. This team has come up[ with a certain prototype lens which helps the wearers in seeing objects to be appearing almost three times size bigger than the real object’s size. For such superpowers to work, a wearer should wink using a single eye which will cause zooming in vision like the camera. Such lenses have tiny mirrors of aluminum that makes the light be able in bouncing in a certain way. The polarizing filter can direct light away, or towards the mirrors in terms of an eye, the wearer will wink with. These telescopic contact lenses can help the ones who have degeneration then it can offer a certain discrete magnification method in the military.

  1. 3D-printed Contact Lenses

If it’s about creating that thing which is worn inside your eye, then its paramount to have eye care. The specified contact lenses are most used with delicate materials which you cant make without technology. The 3D printers have an impact concerning the way we see the manufacturing process. The small-scale 3D printers are also available in commercial where they can print anything that is needed to have proper contact lenses.

Most technological companies are, however trying to build the printer, which can make something safe for sustaining a human eye. The technology advancement is targeting at changing this by creating the process which is capable of printing the objects from transparent materials that have a smooth surface that can fit the lens. With the potential technology, the process of printing these mangekyou sharingan contacts will be possible.

  1. Reality Augmented Contact Lens

This demonstrates the way technology can change the world perception. The augmented reality idea is aimed to be improvised using the iOptik system. This device takes a contact lens form that can produce a display in the vision of the eye. The augmented reality can do whatever your phone can do like satellite navigation, media pages, and video chatting and it will be the best for the tasks which need two hands. The cyclists can wind the streets to get directions as they concentrate on the road, whereas surgeons will check the vital readings as they concentrate onto their patients.

  1. Glucose Monitoring Contact Lenses

Some people live with diabetes, and their blood sugar can become high, which needs monitoring constantly. It can often be inconvenient to check the blood sugar level with people in such conditions since the very normal method is for blood to be withdrawn daily. There is, however, the device which is capable of tracking glucose where drawing blood is not needed. All these are thanks to the advanced technology where it uses a chip with a glucose sensor that has two layers which form a contact lens. They are used to display whenever one’s blood sugar is increasing or decreasing.

Several devices are being introduced in 2019 by the advanced technology so they might cater to the contact lenses which help our bodies. This advanced technology is such as improving the lives of people since it also increases the lifespan of many who could have already lost hope of going on with their lived due to some complications. These are the smart contact lenses so far with an improvised technology.

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