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Top 5 Must Have Android Apps

In the modern era, people invest a massive part of their hard earned money on the high-end smartphone. A survey reportedly said that on an average a person spends 6 hours of a day using a smartphone.  We spent considerable time using our Smartphones by surfing the internet, playing games, sharing data, stock exchange, online payments or just chilling with Netflix.

5 Must Have Android Apps

Thanks to all the Application that we can install on our devices in order to various tasks. Android applications or apps are basically program files built on Android studio, java beans or any other programming language. Apps are either task specific or general purpose it mainly depends upon its features. There are some applications that every Android users should use in order to improve their user experience. Although digital forums and blog suggest a large number of must-have apps it can gradually go hard on the memory of your device hence we have come up with Top 5 Android apps you must download.

  1. Kingroot: Ever heard the word rooting in the Smartphone world. Basically rooting is a process where the owner of the device transfers the administrative rights to himself. Rooting a device can bring a series of advantages to you. Such as you can download all premium paid apps for free, memory customization, battery optimization, fast installation of apps and lot more. Previously if you want to root your device, you would have needed a personal computer and several other commodities such a card reader, USB cable, etc. but now with Kingroot APK, you can easily Root your device in 4 simple steps. The rooting process with Kingroot mobile app has zero complexities in it, in less than 15 minutes a user can root his device and can become a superuser to it. In the last few years, Kingroot has changed the ways of rooting a device. Now you don’t need to download the root files, root directories, etc. specifically for your model. Just launch the app on your mobile phone, and then you are good to go.
  2. Truecaller: unknown calls have always been an issue with every smartphone user you don’t know whether it is your family members trying to do a prank on you with his new mobile number or a spammer trying to rip you off but thanks to the Truecaller mobile app you can easily Identify unknown calls, or can block spam calls and SMS. It shows you the name registered with the mobile number from their database using the internet connection of your device. You won’t get disturbed by spam calls or SMS as it can block them and will notify you with a pop-up or notification.Truecaller has a  community-based spam list updated by millions of users worldwide; It is an app that can make your communication safe and systematic. Call recording is also an additional feature of the app.
  1. Amazon: Online shopping websites have changed the way of shopping now for every small or big purchase we rely on the Amazon is one of the multinational brands that offers a wide range of authenticated products in affordable prices. Starting with groceries and stationary it also sells gadgets, electronic device, furniture, home decor, etc. One can register himself as a buyer or seller on it. Amazon app/website has the safest payment options such as debit/credit card or pay on delivery. It also has an easy return or refund facility on a wide range of products.
  2. MX player: We all know the importance of a video player in a mobile phone, the default ones are not built up to the marks that are the reason it is necessary that you should install a video player from the Google play store or any open source application market, we highly recommend MX player because of the features that it offers. MX player is available to download for free Features supported by MX player hardware acceleration, Multi-core decoding, pinch zoom in and out, subtitle gesture and kids lock. You can also control the Playback speed.
  3. Google pay: The payment app by Google previously known as Tez. It is a secured 3rd party payment App by Google. You can send or receive money to anyone connected with you on Google pay or has a UPI code. This Application is directly linked to your bank account. You have to set a four-digit passcode and Every time you try to log in you have to type the passcode manually. Google pay gives you assured rewards on every transaction. You can even check the balance on your account with this App. It is one of the most secure mobile banking App.
  4. Tiktok

    Tiktok is the leading mobile app for creating short videos. It allows users to create 3-60 second videos. it was launched on 2016 in china by the name “Douyin”. But, now it is banned in India. India Government removed tiktok app from Indian google playstore. By clicking here Tik Tok app download, you can download the app

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